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CoachWays Australia Offers Solutions beyond the Bus


(Free Press Release) CoachWays Australia can tailor land transportation solutions that will fit your needs. Be it camp to mining site shuttles, contractor transport, or airport services, we can help you with that.

CoachWays Australia Offers Solutions beyond the Bus


CoachWays Australia, a leading Mining Bus Charter solutions company in Australia, recently announced that they are widening their service scope. Their services would now include risk management, project management, tailored KPI reporting, custom depot setup and service optimization.

Included in the project management service is the regular testing of staff and driver from drug and alcohol usage. The move to widen their service scope is a big one, according to one of the company's management consultants. It was a welcome move for their clients, though, who have grown fond of the efficient, Sydney-based transportation company. While the services are relatively new, the caliber of their services has given them as steady flow of clients.

"It's really convenient to get risk and project management services from the same company providing Resource Industry Transportation Services for your staff," says Ally McPhearson, a manager of a tour company in Sydney that is also a loyal client of CoachWays.

"I personally don't like dealing with too many providers, especially if we need to keep on changing services because we don't like their system. It would be very convenient for our company if we transfer to CoachWays for these added services too. We're familiar with the way they run things and would like them to handle more of our company's needs. We're excited that CoachWays Australia is offering these services now because we trust their brand. We have been using their services from the early stages of our business and we feel like they have grown with our company. They didn't ignore us when we were small, and now, they can still handle the demands of our clients even during the peak seasons. I am confident that they won't offer these services unless they're ready for it. There's too much at risk," McPhearson said.

Tourists in Sydney are also likely to experience the new coach buses CoachWays Australia has just recently released this August. They seem to be on a roll with their company expansions. CoachWays released a new line of luxury coach buses for tours that have more comfortable seats and bigger legroom.

"It was so nice! I felt like I was still riding on the plane. The tour itself was pleasant, but I was so thankful I didn't have to be cramped up in a small tour bus. The driver was also very reliable. It did not feel like a bumpy ride. He was driving at just the right speed." Says Anita Tan, a tourist who is staying with her family in Sydney for six months.

Contact CoachWays Australia

CoachWays Australia is a trusted name in industry transportation services throughout the country. If you're running a business and would like to get positive feedback from both your staff and your clients, you can contact them to help you out. They offer coaches for employee transfers, airport needs, tours for big corporations, mining bus charter and have recently expanded their services beyond coach solutions. If you want to reach them, simply call the numbers below:

Phone: 1300 307 442

Phone: 02 9786 6892

Fax: 02 9786 6407

E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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CoachWays Australia Offers Solutions beyond the Bus

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