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Press Release > High-tech Autonomous Mobile Robots from GreyOrange are helping their client Businesses to Eliminate


(Free Press Release) GreyOrange, India’s leading warehouse automation provider, urges their clients to incorporate autonomous mobile robots in their warehouses.

Press Release > High-tech Autonomous Mobile Robots from GreyOrange are helping their client Businesses to Eliminate


Press Release With thorough research on industrial warehouses, GreyOrange stepped into the world of warehouse automation service providers. Their present position represents their dedicated efforts to clinch in the customer satisfaction. Autonomous mobile robots from Grey Orange are the best representative of the industrial technology of 21st century.

Throughout their career growth, GreyOrange has happily served the clients from logistics, automobiles, and other related industries. After a thorough market analysis, GreyOrange team observed that the industries need automation within their warehouses. Autonomous mobile robots were the first outcome of their dedicated efforts. Decision science drives Grey Orange warehouse robots which inundate the market today. Robotic goods-to-man automation is the driving technology behind the warehouse robots from Grey Orange.  Press Release

Grey Orange is dedicated to enhancing the advancements of logistics and supply chain processes are being optimized across the globe. The Grey Orange team is a perfect blend of world-class hardware and software engineering, as well as the deep domain expertise. It is this blend which developed gave rise to their passion for extending solutions to industrial warehouse problems.

With its emergence in the year 2011, GreyOrange today stands out to be the best manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots in India. Headquarters of GreyOrange is present at Singapore, and it owes a secure network at Japan, Germany, and the United States. Accompanied by the highly-efficient workforce, today Grey Orange owes the title of best warehouse automation service provider for the logistics industries.

Autonomous mobile robots from GreyOrange are available in the market as GreyOrange Butler robots. One can say that the Grey Orange robots represent the latest version of the warehouse robots with enhanced working efficiency. Moreover, to increase its accuracy and business efficiency, the robots are enriched with latest technology. This Robotic Goods-to-person technology helps the Grey Orange’s Butler robots to multi-task. Some of the multitasking activities are inclusive of automated put away, storage of the industrial warehouse inventory, order replenishment and order fulfilling process. Thus, modern automated robots are the best fit for logistics and automobile industries fulfillment and distribution centers.  Press Release

Furthermore, GreyOrange’s robots are meant to adapt easily according to the changing inventory profiling, demand patterns. It is also adjustable with the changing business demand peaks. GreyOrange crafts their warehouse robots with modular system architecture. This modular system architecture can be attributed to the identity of GreyOrange Butlers robots. It is this modular system architecture which drives the robot scalability in both directions. The bi-directional scalability is the advanced feature of the modern robots which helps in their to and fro movement with ease. Bi-directional scalability is essential for increasing the storage volumes. It further facilitates the independent fulfillment throughput. To improve the storage volumes, Grey Orange robots work efficiently by adding more storage racks to the warehouse as and when needed.

GreyOrange’s Butlers comprises of butler robots, pick-put stations, mobile storage units, and quick charging units. Besides, Grey Orange also facilitates their client warehouses with warehouse sorting systems. Moreover, GreyOrange warehouse automation feature is enriched with end-to-end intelligent order fulfilment. It provides a platform which controls, navigates, and manages the robotic devices for automatic warehouse collaboration.

GreyOrange works on the business motive of enhancing the agility of their client businesses. The businesses characterized by improved business agility are viable in the market. As a result of proper and well-structured warehouse automation, businesses experience large and successive growths. With enhanced agility, the companies can adapt to the changing inventory profiling with ease.

Reach GreyOrange to know more about their Robotic Goods-to-person technology based autonomous mobile robots. Connect with Grey Orange at https://www.Grey Orange.com/.

25 Kallang Avenue
#05-05, Singapore 339416
(+65) 65898380

https://www.Grey Orange.com

Press Release > High-tech Autonomous Mobile Robots from GreyOrange are helping their client Businesses to Eliminate

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