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Submission Guidelines

(Free Press Release) Submission Guidelines for NewPressRelease.com

Submission Guidelines


Here at the New Press Release we attempt to be as open and easy going as possible. In our opinion there's just nothing worse than a fascist Web 2.0 site. However, we're sad to report that this goodwill is sometimes returned with abuse or misuse of this system, and as such we've created these guidelines and FAQ to help add clarity to what we consider the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to NPR.

The Guidelines

To understand these guidelines, you first need to understand what we hope the newpressrelease.com community will be - a collective group of people all wanting to share interesting and amusing stories (news, opinions, blogs, etc.) about world.

  • Must be English-language - we're an English-language site.
  • Must NOT be commercial/selly. We recognize this is subjective, and will be lenient on this if the submissions is something actually useful . The price of this leniency is that we ask you present it in a non-commercial way as best you can.
  • Must NOT be spam. See below for what we view as spam.
  • Must NOT be adult rellated .

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I post links from my blog/site?

Yeah, sure you can. For the free Press releases we publish only nofollow links. This way we can protect our site from spam, better.  If you want more, please follow the steps from the Compare Plans page.  Continue reading for more details on what we feel is abuse/spam.

Why can't I submit non-English articles?

The focus of this site is for English-language stories.For non english press release, please use a local, non english service. We are working hard to implement our service in some languages. Our projects include Communiques de Presse and Comunicate de Presa ...More localizations, coming soon.

What do you consider spam?

Links to articles or sites that do not in any way pertain to press releases, news, informations are, hands down, considered spam. If you want to share your awesome site about cialis or viagra, pennis enlargement, adult toys, great seo tactics, please do so somewhere else.

Are multiple postings in a row considered abuse/spam?


Are multiple postings in a row from a single source site considered abuse/spam?


How come?

Mainly, because it defeats the purpose of NewPressRelease.com - which is to provide the BEST new content. If it is from a single source, it is likely that it is being submitted more as an attempt to gather traffic and/or linkbacks for purely selfish reasons. We hate that.

What if my submission was labeled as spam, but it isn't?

We hope that this doesn't happen, but if it does, please contact us and we'll do our best to fix the problem.

What if something on the site isn't operating the way it probably should?

Contact us.

And, finally, what if I have a suggestion about improving NewPressRelease.com?

Yup, you guessed it - contact us.

Submission Guidelines

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