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Worldplay™ Sport Brings New Equipment to Children with New Buy One - Give One Program


(Free Press Release) Black River Schools’ Equipment Purchase to Benefit Boys and Girls Club.

Worldplay™ Sport Brings New Equipment to Children with New Buy One - Give One Program


Holland, MI (USA), April 16, 2014 -- Worldplay™ Sport, a West Michigan start-up company, recently rolled out a new Buy One - Give One business model aimed at bringing much-needed sports equipment to schools and non-profit organizations.

Black River Public Schools, located in Holland, Mich., is one of the first organizations to participate, with its purchases being matched with equipment given to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Holland.

“As a charter school, we look to improve our athletic programs and support the community as well. Working with Worldplay™ Sport, we have been able to partner with the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Holland to provide basketballs for their after school athletic programs,” said Kyle Lawton, athletic director of Black River Public Schools.

Worldplay™ Sport’s president and co-founder, Chris Timmer, is a firm believer in building leadership, confidence and interpersonal skills through team sports, and Worldplay Sport allows like-minded individuals to help simply by purchasing sports equipment through this giving business model.

The benefits of participating in sports at the primary and secondary schools are well-documented. Worldplay™ Sport’s mission is to ensure kids of all ages have access to sports equipment so they can receive those benefits. In fact, sports have played a major role in Timmer’s life. He explained: “I played a lot of ball as a kid and also through high school and college. I played because I’m competitive and it was fun. But looking back, I appreciate how much I gained through team sports, and how it helped shape my career and my skill set. Now, I see kids that don’t have access to that same experience, either because their school doesn’t have the budget or the local organizations don’t have the resources or simply don’t see sports as a priority.

Timmer added: “So maybe your company donates $500 to the local Boys and Girls Club, and that’s good, don’t get me wrong, but that $500 might go to fix the roof or other maintenance. Now, with WorldPlay™, your company can buy basketballs instead and then the Boys and Girls Club with also receive basketballs. That keeps the game going and gives kids the same tools that I had.”

Worldplay™ Sport has created programs through their giving business model that allow schools, parks and recreation departments, churches, and individuals the ability to purchase products and have Worldplay™ give additional products to those in need.

“We are very excited about the business and its ability to reach athletes in need in the U.S., as well as around the world,” Timmer continued. “We want to give everyone the opportunity to experience the benefits of sports.”

About Worldplay™ Sport:
Worldplay™ Sport is an innovator in the sporting goods industry, providing the opportunity for athletes around the world to share in the benefits of sports. Providing the highest quality sporting goods products through a giving business model, Worldplay™ Sport has designed programs for all levels of sports to give back to the global community.  

Press & Media Contact:
Chris Timmer
Worldplay™ Sport
Holland, MI - USA
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Worldplay™ Sport Brings New Equipment to Children with New Buy One - Give One Program

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