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Yorkshire sports-wear company hopes to help cyclists prepare for the start of Le Tour Yorkshire


(Free Press Release) Incrediwell Ltd, a Yorkshire sports recovery clothing specialist, are looking forward to helping cyclists train and prepare for the eagerly awaited Tour de France 2014.

Yorkshire sports-wear company hopes to help cyclists prepare for the start of Le Tour Yorkshire


Leeds, West Yorkshire ( newpressrelease ) April 16, 2013 - Leeds-based specialist sports-wear distributors, Incrediwell Ltd, are looking forward to the Yorkshire start of the Tour de France in 2014. Incrediwear have been amazed at the response from cyclists that their ranges of sports socks and sports recovery wear have produced.

"We're hoping that legions of UK cyclists will visit the route of the Tour De France in anticipation of next year's event. They'll be pushing themselves to emulate the performance of our Tour De France champions - we're here on the roadside cheering them on, and making sure that their recovery times are minimal" says Malcolm Illingworth, Incrediwell's sales director on their range of sports recovery garments aimed at cyclists.

Incrediwear products are sold around the world and are used by sports teams, world renowned athletes and countless other sports enthusiasts. Malcolm Illingworth, Incrediwell's Sales Director, explained what makes the Incrediwear range of products so special: "The Incrediwear range has been developed to enhance the lives of our customers. Incrediwear socks, for example, can be worn during every day activities but we also offer specially designed socks for running, hiking, skiing and cycling.

"Our socks are made from a patented Nano Bamboo charcoal material that will increase oxygen and blood supply by up to 17%; this sounds technical but simply means that our socks provide extra mobility, a faster warm up time and less fatigue. They also help keep you warm in winter and cool in summer which makes them perfect for long-distance cycling, even a stage or two of the Tour de France!"

The much-anticipated Yorkshire start of 'Le Tour' has led to a huge surge in interest in cycling, both in Yorkshire and throughout the UK. Experienced cyclists and those new to the sport can be seen out and about training hard at the weekends. However many cyclists, even the most seasoned, do sustain muscle injuries from time to time, but according to Malcolm Illingworth, wearing the right clothing can help: "Our range of sports recovery products can help increase blood and oxygen supply by a massive 22%. The range includes leggings, pants and arm/calf sleeves; all designed to keep you warm, increase mobility, reduce fatigue, recover faster and reduce lactic acid.

"Cyclists who've sustained injury or permanent will experience reduced pain, discomfort, swelling and faster recovery by wearing our supports. Incredisupports are designed to increase blood flow and oxygen to targeted areas and include knee, ankle, back, elbow and wrist supports."

The Incrediwear product range is available from their online shop, for further details, please visit: www.incrediwear.co.uk

Notes to editors:

For more information on the products distributed by Incrediwear, please visit www.incrediwear.co.uk or contact Malcolm Illingworth on 0113 2397236 or Gary Simpson on 07970 088 799.


Yorkshire sports-wear company hopes to help cyclists prepare for the start of Le Tour Yorkshire

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