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Press Release > AppJetty Launches Desktop Notification Plugin for Sugar & SuiteCRM Users


(Free Press Release) AppJetty, a software add-ons store based in Ahmedabad has launched a Desktop Notification Plugin for SuiteCRM & SugarCRM users.

Press Release > AppJetty Launches Desktop Notification Plugin for Sugar & SuiteCRM Users


Press Release Good customer relationship is the most crucial element of every organization’s success. It comprises various activities, strategy and technical involvement to execute healthy interaction with customers. Technology has evolved and modernized the way businesses work and CRM solutions lead the league of such technologies. But as CRMs are huge and lengthy software, it often becomes difficult for employees to scroll through the latest feeds and check out recent activities, requirements and requests. This creates a demand for having a tool that can send instant notifications and alerts.

An India based IT company located at Ahmedabad has recently launched a tool that can suffice such needs of instant notifications and alerts. The company has released its Desktop Notification Plugin for SugarCRM & SuiteCRM that helps CRM user to send alert and notify other users about recently assigned records and activities. It saves time and efforts of your employees that they spend to send daily emails related to records.

Maulik Shah, the CEO of AppJetty briefed while launching the product, saying “It is a pleasure launching Desktop Notification Plugin for SugarCRM & Sugar users”. He further added “We are developing CRM solutions for customers, and helping them to streamline their work in an organized manner while saving their time and efforts. Following this direction, we wanted to develop a tool that can help businesses by sending real time notifications. And hence stemmed the idea behind developing this plugin. We hope that it offers the utmost convenience to our customers as it promises.”

Press Release The SugarCRM Desktop notification module of this plugin allows user to choose the module from which they want to receive desktop notifications. Plugin has the options to enable and disable and facilitate users to use it only when they need it. AppJetty is also claiming that with this plugin, users can manage custom notifications and schedule alerts for multiple users. Some major feature of this tool are,

- Custom Notifications: Sugar & SuiteCRM users can create and manage customer notifications and let other users know about them at their scheduled timelines.

- Default Notifications: Admin of the CRM can configure Default Notifications of the modules and notify users as and when needed. Press Release

Notification Visibility: Users can decide if they want to hide notifications for specific time. Every time a record is assigned, users get a notification.
- Activity Notifications: This Sugar & SuiteCRM Records Notification plugin lets the users know about the assigned activities through a desktop notification.

So, if your CRM has countless modules and features and huge user base, this AppJetty product can be a good consideration for your SugarCRM and SuiteCRM applications. The company also offers several plugins and has good experience over developing tools that extend the functionality to their software and bring intact convenience to businesses.

You can get a quick glance through the feature of Desktop Notification Plugin and know more about the product by visiting their website https://www.appjetty.com/suitecrm-desktop-notification.htm

Press Release > AppJetty Launches Desktop Notification Plugin for Sugar & SuiteCRM Users

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