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The Art of Trading by Mark Dannenberg CEO of OptionsMoneyMaker.com Goes #1 on Amazon

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(Free Press Release) TheArtofTradingOptions.com launches book The Art of Trading: More Profits in Less Time: Cash Flow, Retirement Security and Financial Liberation Now To #1 on Amazon in Under 24 Hours implementing Mike Koenigs, Paul Colligan, and Ed Rush's Publish and Profit Program.

The Art of Trading by Mark Dannenberg CEO of OptionsMoneyMaker.com Goes #1 on Amazon


Santa Cruz, CA, March 04, 2015 -- TheArtofTradingOptions.com latest book The Art of Trading: More Profits in Less Time:  Cash Flow, Retirement Security and Financial Liberation by author and veteran trader Mark Dannenberg is more than just a book on trading. Each chapter is loaded with useful, easy to understand information on option basics (for beginning traders), technical charting, strategy and management techniques. Plus, an entire chapter is devoted to Market Tamer strategy. The book is designed to guide a trader from a basic understanding of options to being able to place trades and evaluate a position.

Author and veteran trader  Mark Dannenberg of TheArtofTradingOptions.com wrote the book The Art of Trading: More Profits in Less Time: Cash Flow, Retirement Security and Financial Liberation  to get you started trading or, if you are an experienced trader, give you more tools to improve your success. TheArtofTradingOptions.com is written so you can start with an understanding of option basics and progress all the way through to the more advanced position management strategies. Topics essential to any trader are presented in an easy to follow, quick to learn format.  

In this comprehensive guide discover how The Art of Trading  will offer:

Results Focused Strategies
-Consistent approaches to trading without traders having to spend all day in front of their computer

Proper Position Management
-How to Manage and adjust position to increase the likelihood of profit

Market Tamer Strategy
-Simple, non-directional strategy so you never have to worry about market direction

How to Trade Spreads with a Forgiveness Factor

-When the price moves against you, you can still profit
-Learn How to Profit in both declining and appreciating markets

Technical Charts describing and explaining  multiple indicators
-Learn to read then individually
-Discover a consensu pointing to the directional bias of a stock or index

“I’ve been learning options for about three years now and I have learned so much from you. Thank you for the way you explain the trade and how each leg works with and against the trade. And for going over it in each update. The first time I heard you explain a trade, I knew I had found a great teacher, and as the days go by I can now look at a trade and see it for what it is. Learning a skill that will change my life. You are taking me to the next level. A long way to go, and I am not a gambler, but I sure want to be a trader. Thanks again.”—Mark S.  

See how readers have used The Art of Trading and the platform offered
at Optionsmoneymaker.com to:

-Grow your overall wealthpulpwood
-Generate and Increase Cash Flow
-Earn higher than Average Returns
-Protect Capital against potential loss

“Just sending you a quick thanks for the latest Market Tamer trade. I watched your webinar with Jon Najarian a few weeks ago and liked what you had to say. But it’s always scary to start a new service from someone you don’t know. However, you have been very responsive when I had a question, and this trade made a profit, so I’m much more comfortable with the service now. Lastly, I am tired of losing money by buying individual stock options only to have them go south. The Market Tamer truly allows me to sleep at nights. I look forward to utilizing your expertise and hopefully building financial security. Thanks.” — Kirk R.

Best Selling Author of The Art of Trading: More Profits in Less Time: Cash Flow, Retirement Security and Financial Liberation, trader, and public speaker Mark Dannenberg spent 26 years as a senior executive with a Fortune 500 company. In this capacity, Mark managed multiple divisions that required the analysis of business cycles and their application to optimal decision making. With over 26 years personal experience trading options, credit spreads, covered calls and debit spreads, Mark now creates strategies and coaches self-directed investors at optionsmoneymaker.com. Mark Dannenberg has taught thousands of people how to effectively trade options profitably. The strategies that Mark wrote about in TheArtofTradingOptions.com are designed to generate cash flow, grow wealth, earn higher than average returns and protect capital against losses. Clients who have been coached by Mark at Optionsmoneymaker.com have learned how to profit in both declining and appreciating markets. Mark has written two books on the topic of credit spreads and has been a public speaker and educator for traders since 2006. His passion is teaching people how to create wealth and live the lifestyle they choose. Mark Dannenberg author of TheArtofTradingOptions.com is frequently asked why he continues to spend time teaching and writing. The answer is simple. Mark loves what he does and he gets to meet new friends from all over the world.

About Options Money Maker:
Mark Dannenberg the author of The Art of Trading: More Profits in Less Time: Cash Flow, Retirement Security and Financial Liberation, is the founder/CEO of Optionsmoneymaker.com. Options Money Maker’s are experienced traders, active in the markets every day.  They create, test and validate strategies designed to win in any market. Optionsmoneymaker.com teaches traders, new and experienced, how to be successful and consistent.  The company focus is on simple approaches that can be repeated by any trader for optimum profits.

Mark Dannenberg
Options Money Maker
195 14th Ave
Santa Cruz, CA, 95062
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Art of Trading by Mark Dannenberg CEO of OptionsMoneyMaker.com Goes #1 on Amazon

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