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Launch Me Provides A Dream Launch Pad to Budding and Professional Music Industry People

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(Free Press Release) Provides comprehensive training, exposure and certification to participants

Launch Me Provides A Dream Launch Pad to Budding and Professional Music Industry People


New Delhi, Delhi, India, 05 February, 2015 -- The biggest issue faced by talented people in any field in this country of a billion people is that there is nobody to either spot their talent or nurture it. The most glaring problem of course is that nobody gets the kind of launch that would catapult them before a large audience.

However this is set to change in a big way because of the arrival of Launch Me a unique mentoring and launch program for music industry professionals. Says Kapil Srivastava the progenitor of this trail blazing program, “We hand hold both amateurs and professionals right from the stage of their first baby steps into the  professional music circuit, through the academic training and right to the stage of providing them the best and the most appropriate launch pad.

This is without the shadow of a doubt a godsend for both amateurs and professionals to give a definite direction to their music careers. The program has an extensive curriculum, as well as a slew of promotional and marketing services that include the following:
1. Academic Training (Guitar, Keyboard and Vocals)
2. Repertoire Build Up Workshop for performance
3. Live Rehearsals and Jamming with professionals
4. Recording Studio Exposure
5. Video Shooting
6. Post Production Exposure
7. Certificate & Video
8. Life time portfolio and social media appreciation/following

Marketing & PR
9. Publicity with Guitarmonk’s Social media across globe
10. GM Tune Time Channel Website powered by Guitarmonk
11. Media Release and Student’s experience interview

-Recording Studio Exposure.
-Video & Post Production Exposure including jamming with professionals
-Life-time portfolio & social media following

What is heartening about Launch Me is the fact that it has schools in a large number of towns across North India and Delhi/NCR with presence in East, West, South, North zones of Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Dwarka, Greater Noida etc and in Dehradun near Jolly-Grant Airport, ensuring that talent from a wide geographical spread gets the opportunity to get their talent showcased and nurtured.

There are separate programs for beginners and professionals with the former following a fixed format, which includes a standard fee, while the latter has a customizable format depending upon the needs of the artist. While the focus is on learning the basics of guitar and keyboard playing and vocal training, the latter is much more broad based.

That apart the parent company Guitar Monk recently launched the 'KAYOTSARG' Album Series, which is their endeavour to reach out to cancer patients and those with stress related issues. The attempt is to provide succor and relief to such people by leveraging the therapeutic properties of music.

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Top Inspiration PR
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Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, UP
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Launch Me Provides A Dream Launch Pad to Budding and Professional Music Industry People

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