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Johnny Delirious to Speak at Progression to Health Summit 2015

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(Free Press Release) Progression to Health Summit 2015 is an exclusive One-day event where health professionals, healers, researchers and survivors will share the secrets to recapture One's health naturally.

Johnny Delirious to Speak at Progression to Health Summit 2015


Along with Johnny Delirious, Susanne Morrone and Dr. Jon Repole of Jacksonville are the Guest Speakers for “Progression to Health Summit 2015”, to be held on February 28 2015, from 9:00AM to 6:00PM.

These highly skilled Speakers will empower the audience with accurate knowledge and practical ways to move forward in terms of health and wellness.

In the event, Johnny Delirious will reveal his most guarded secrets of hepatitis and cirrhosis recovery. He will share all his discoveries that helped him not only overcome the doctor’s death sentence of less than 6 months to live but also achieve a healthy liver of a twenty year old! There is neither cirrhosis nor hepatitis antibodies-- a feat doctors said was impossible.

According to Johnny, "If you can't see me before at one of my tour stops, then join me at the Progression to Health Summit in Jacksonville, FL on February 28, 2015 at 9:00 am for this all day event. We will give away over $1,000 in prizes more value than any other one day event." Johnny also said - "Even our least expensive prize is valued more than the entry ticket and we are giving prizes away all day long, everyone will be a winner."  

A short video regarding the event - http://youtu.be/lhSgEqrRZhA

Here is the Summit Website where people can register:

Some of the benefits viewers will receive:
•A deeper appreciation and gratefulness for the healing capacity within
•Understand hows and whys of a holistic approach to health
•The solid foundation to build upon
•The importance of true prevention and what it entails
•A reality check to prompt necessary changes
•Practical wisdom to apply right away
•Healing stories to encourage the audience
•Action steps to achieve one’s health goals
•A deeper resolve to take greater responsibility
•Questions to ask yourself when faced with new problems
•Identify the cause of dis-ease

This unmatched Event offers unique Prize Giveaways:
•Prizes drawn for free professional services
•Special Bonuses - but we’ll keep you in suspense
•The opportunity to meet new friends and network with others who share the vision
•Free laughter and goose-bumps along the way
•40 Days Organic Food - Storage to last 25 years - worth more than $250
•Organic Food Supplements more than $300
•Health & Beauty Luxury Spa Tool Boxes worth more than $150
•Free Doctor, examinations & consultations - unlimited value
•Man Cave Tool Boxes - worth more than $150

Tour Schedule

New Leaf CoOp - Tallahasse, Florida
January 29th  - 7:45 pm

Rainbow CoOp - Jackson, Missi
February 23rd - 5:30 pm

Everman Natural Foods CoOp - Pensacola, FL
February 25th - 6:00 pm

Progression to Health Summit - Jacksonville, Florida
February 28 - 9:00am - 5:00pm

Here is the Summit Website where people can register:

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Johnny Delirious to Speak at Progression to Health Summit 2015

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