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Press Release: Free Children's Magazine Subscriptions in Delhi NCR - Squizzl

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(Free Press Release) Free magazine for kids is what Squizzl is providing this summer. A wonderful opportunity for parents to get hold of this highly revered magazine today before the stock ends. Simply visit the website http://www.squizzlworld.com/magazines

Press Release: Free Children's Magazine Subscriptions in Delhi NCR - Squizzl


Free magazine for kids is what Squizzl is providing this summer. A wonderful opportunity for parents to get hold of this highly revered magazine today before the stock ends. Simply visit the website http://www.squizzlworld.com/magazines and fill the form available there and your free magazine will be shipped to you the next day, all for free of course. Let your kids check out the magazine’s content before you decide to subscribe it for quarterly or annual period.

Once you get the free magazine for kids deliver at your doorstep, check the quality of pages which are very glossy and give you the sense of the strong sense of quality and hygiene that its founders have maintained. Next you see the quality of creative or designs used which showcase the creative minds behind these free magazines. Each graphic design has been handmade and the choice of colors, pattern has been kept unique and engaging.

What will you find in the magazine?

1.Book Review: Beautifully written book reviews to inspire kids. The kids are carefully selected for kids between ages 6- 12. Moreover these book reviews are written by kids themselves and show their point of view.

2.Word Search: A puzzle grid full of alphabets for kids to go through and find meaningful words in them. These words can be something like the name of flora and fauna, people, cities or anything else. The exercise helps them to develop their vocabulary through interesting ways. It also helps them to develop the habit of recognizing trends in a seemingly random world.

Moreover a rating is provided at the bottom to motivate kids. If the kid is able to find let’s say 20 - 25 names, he is rated as genius, if 16- 20 he is brilliant and so forth.


3.Paragraph with a Puzzle: The magazine has a section which provides a paragraph for the kids to read and comprehend. Based on this a puzzle is provided to be solved. This not only makes kids to read every line carefully and understand it completely before attempting to solve the puzzle but also forces the look for meaning between the lines.

The section is highly appreciated by child experts and specialists for its high learning quotient.


4.Phrases and Idioms: This section takes a leap for kids as they get into usage of words to make sentences and understand that words have different meanings as per the context. Apple of the eye has nothing to do with the apple fruit as such as normally a kid would understand it to be.

These phrases and idioms are present in both English and Hindi languages and also presented artistically to through images and beautiful usages. Your kid would be speaking at a different level all together with the help of these phrases in sometime.


5. Color the Pattern: One page of the magazine is dedicated for kids to color a beautiful sketch or pattern. This helps them to show their creativity and have fun. These designs are very engaging and kids look forward for this section. The patters have elements that make childhood dream like, elephants, flowers, butterflies and many more.

Moreover parents can share the designs with the magazine and stand a chance to win exciting awards.


6.Who Lives Where? This section of the magazine focuses on establishing a sound understanding of the environment in kids. Animals and plants are to be mapped with the environment and the terrain they live in. With this children will be able to understand what kind of animals and plants to expect in any given geography.


7.Labyrinth: Remember the movie “Inception” how intelligence in creating and solving a labyrinth was used as a recruitment process. Well life isn’t any inception for kids but then solving labyrinth is a test for intelligence of kids. Research shows that solving labyrinths helps in increasing the mental ability of kids as they go through multiple routes and evaluate their final results. Similar things happen in life when we take decisions and have to evaluate the probable consequences of every action and decide accordingly. Labyrinth helps in developing the same skills in kids. Press Release


8.Pigpen Puzzles: Based on decoding the message, the puzzles are areal mind teaser. Developing a taste for cryptic codes, the games help in finding the hidden logics and thought process behind each message. It also helps in academic courses like Mathematics and science too.


9.Pattern Search:These grid based puzzles ask kids to look for matches of a particular trend in the grid. Exciting for kids, it helps them to lose the sense of direction and identify trends in every particular direction and develop focus and concentration. These searches are not that easy as the items in the grids are very similar and forcing one to look carefully and deeply. Press Release


10. Puzzle Grid: One of the favorites for the kids is to arrange the jigsaw based on the images provided. For example image of a baby elephant is divided into various parts and kids are to reassemble them mentally and identify which part will go where in the grid. A fun exercise of kids, it helps them to understand which body part goes where and also appreciate the complete picture.


The answers to puzzles and kids are provided at the end of the book and kids do not have to wait for the next issue. Press Release

How to Order a Magazine?

Squizzl is what kids need for a wholesome growth especially for kids in the age group of 6-12. This is a good chance for parents to sample the magazine first hand for free and decide before subscribing for a longer period. Simply visit the website www.squizzlworld.com and provide your mailing details and within a week the magazine will be at your door steps for your kids to have fun and learn. There are no strings or cost attached of any kind and the offer is open only till the stock lasts. So what are you waiting for subscribe for the Free magazine for kids today itself before the stock ends.




Squizzl is a magazine your kid must have to solve its beautiful puzzles, quizzes and engage in various activities. Squizzl is currently running an offer in which you can get a free sample magazine delivered to your home for free just by simply filling a form on the website with no strings attached. Get your sample copy free today.


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Arushi Sharma graduate from one of the most prestigious college in Management and a digital marketing enthusiast. She is a day time coder, a night time movie lover and a writer by passion. Contact Number: 9953260467, Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Website: http://www.squizzlworld.com

Press Release: Free Children's Magazine Subscriptions in Delhi NCR - Squizzl

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