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Press Release: Major Upgrade for Patentcloud Announced by InQuartik

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(Free Press Release) InQuartik has unveiled a major upgrade for Patentcloud, with enhancements that include a claim-chart formatted Prior Art Comparison that has inspired a new name—Quality Insights—for a popular product.

Press Release: Major Upgrade for Patentcloud Announced by InQuartik


InQuartik, a global software company, has announced a major upgrade to Patentcloud, its AI-powered patent intelligence platform. These new enhancements have come together to make Patentcloud even more powerful—and even more user-friendly.

At the top of the list is the new Prior Art Comparison. This exciting new feature quickly aligns the claims of a patent to the prior art in the prosecution and then displays the results in an easy-to-read claim-chart format. Press Release

As a better index for reading all of the claims, the new Prior Art Comparison feature enables users to better understand not only the relationship of the prior art to the claims but also the context and examiner’s opinions. With it, users can immediately understand the difference between the claimed invention and the prior art in the prosecution—in other words, the gist of the invention, which can also benefit claim construction. Press Release

Prior Art Comparison is one of the new features in what is now called Quality Insights (formerly Validity Insights). This new name reflects how this product now delivers insights not only into the validity but also the quality of a patent at a deeper level.

Quality Insights also now has a convenient Family Prior Art feature, which includes patent family data from the USPTO as well as from the other IP5 offices and WIPO. With all of the family prior art consolidated in one comprehensive overview and the§102 and 103 citations highlighted, users can save time and quickly focus their attention on their validity/invalidity evaluations. Press Release

Another Patentcloud product, Patent Search, has received an upgrade of its own to the technical architecture of its Project feature. This improvement has not only optimized performance, but it also includes a new user interface.

In addition, with My Folder, Patent Search basic users can manage up to 2,000 patents in 20 folders, with up to 10 file levels. Premium users also have access to My Folder, plus an additional Project, in which they can manage up to 100,000 patents in 1,000 folders, with up to 10 file levels.

The new Project feature also facilitates collaboration among a wide range of people, from patent professionals to engineers, by enabling premium users to share analysis results with basic members.

“Patentcloud’s upgrades, in particular Quality Insights and its new Prior Art Comparison, are truly a breakthrough for the patent litigation and transaction markets, since they make the quality of patents transparent in just a few clicks,” said Leon Hsu, director of Product Development at Patentcloud. “And the new enhancements to the Project feature are enabling higher performance and even greater collaboration and sharing of information, enabling Patentcloud, in turn, to become a collaborative workspace for patent professionals and their stakeholders.”

To learn more about Patentcloud and these exciting new upgrades, visit www.patentcloud.com, or to try these new products and features yourself, visit app.patentcloud.com.


Patentcloud is a patent intelligence platform that leverages artificial intelligence and big data analytics for better business decisions. Patentcloud delivers actionable insights through its three products—Quality Insights, Patent Search, and Design Search.


InQuartik is a global software company that specializes in artificial intelligence and big data analytics. With a mission to organize key data and discover business insights for impactful decisions, InQuartik utilizes high-quality data, innovative software, AI technology, and big data analytics to derive wisdom from data to empower the world. Find out more about InQuartik at www.inquartik.com.(NewPressRelease.com - free press release distribution)


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Press Release: Major Upgrade for Patentcloud Announced by InQuartik

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