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A strategy Applying Military Principals to Profiting in Real Estate Investments

Real Estate

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A strategy Applying Military Principals to Profiting in Real Estate Investments


A new blog just updated by Joe Manausa on Florida Real Estate Investing has a direct link to the release of a white paper on Florida real estate investing strategies he has recently put together.

He contends that the process of investing in Real estate for profit should be approached in the same way as a military commander preparing for and then executing a battle. A battle plan is developed keeping in mind a number of basic principals which need to be balanced while developing and executing a strategy.

There principals are, in summary;
• Mass concentration
• Clear Objectives
• Be on the offensive
• Surprise your adversaries
• Economy of resources
• Freedom of manuever
• Unity of command
• Security
• Simplicity

When investing in Real estate, especially Florida real estate investing it is well worth considering these principals. Manausa states that he sees many investment funds with plenty of funds wishing to acquire the bargains represented by distressed properties in Florida fail to successfully purchase the most profitable deals as they are too slow, too cumbersome unable to maneuver, have too many decision makers failing to make decisions or lacking a clear objective get beaten to the punch by more nimble, focused rivals.

Briefly Manausa likens real estate investment anywhere, not just Florida, to a general facing deploying his resources prior to a battle.

The first thing he must do is ensure he has the resources available to deploy where they are needed, So too must an investor, especially if he is a fund manager, have sufficient funds available to deploy quickly. The best deal will always go to the individual who puts the cash on the tab le today, rather than try and make a deal then run around and try and raise the necessary funds elsewhere.

The General must have a clear objective in mind. He should be focused on what he wants to achieve in the immediate time with the longer term goals pushed to the background. So too with the investor. He must be focused on the opportunities that are immediately available.

Any general will know that objectives are only attained by being on the offensive and maintaining the advantage. That applies to Residential Real Estate Investing as opportunities do not fall into one's lap but rather are obtained by relentless pursuit.

Maneuver is allied to this. A commander must be able to rapidly and effectively move the forces available to him around, so too the investor able to grab and exploit the opportunities when they arise

The rest of the principals are similarly appropriate and are expanded on at length in the paper which is published free and available by clicking a link on the blog.

The essential point is that anyone or any institution engaged in acquiring real estate investment properties should bear and balance all these factors into account thus optimizing the chances of success

For more information please visit http://www.manausa.com/principles-of-real-estate-investing/

A strategy Applying Military Principals to Profiting in Real Estate Investments

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