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Houston Heights Real Estate For Sale remain good value in the most Vibrant community of Houston

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Houston Heights Real Estate For Sale remain good value in the most Vibrant community of Houston


When threats arose to the communities character and charm the Heights community responded to enforce deed restrictions and thus ensure that the Houston Heights maintains its own special place in this warm and friendly Texan city.

Houston Heights is the first planned community in Texas. Around 1890 building started here by investors in the Omaha and South Texas Land visitors. They bought parcel of land 1,756 acres in extent and laid out paths, alleyways, streets and parks. They arrange services and for transport by a streetcar to downtown Houston. It attracted folks from Houston who decided that they would prefer living away from the down town bustle and noise. Houston Heights became part of Houston in 1919.

The area changed after 1945 with the influx of Industrial interests and thereafter fell in to decline so that by the '70s it was a low income area. But it bounced back and now is an area which has broad, tree-canopied esplanades and side streets dotted with homes dating from the early 1900s and many "low-key" restaurants and beer gardens.

The area known as "the Heights" now includes a number of surrounding suburbs which have melded together. the Restaurants, Cafes, Stores and Bars have made it a destination for artists and musicians and is one of the other active areas in Houston for night time activities. In recent years it has recovered in status somewhat because of the efforts of the Houston Heights Association and has developed a community spirit with many events like the first Saturday which is an activate day attracting many visitors with unfold air markets, Artists selling their creations and a free shuttle moving public around at will. And the annual "White Linen Night"

There are Houston Heights Homes For Sale which boasts a whole range of properties from traditional 1900 dwellings to up to the minute condos. The area has some 4,000 homes. There is an active real estate market including houses, Townhouses for sale and for rental.

Houston Heights Real Estate has numerous houses on their books ranging in value from below $300,000 to above $700,000. This is a link to homes under half a million in value of which there are plenty.

The range is extensive and their staff is ready and willing to assist you in your search for a suitable home. The layout of the listing is simple and easy to navigate with over 200 homes, home, Town Homes and apartments for sale and a supplementary 40 listed for rent.

Whether you are looking to buy a property or rent while you decide what precisely it is you are looking for or where you would like to be Houston Heights Real estate will be delighted to assist you. Come to Houston Heights where a great and friendly community is waiting to welcome you.

For more information please visit http://www.houstonheights.com/houston-heights-real-estate-for-sale-under-500k.html

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Houston Heights Real Estate For Sale remain good value in the most Vibrant community of Houston

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