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Dutch Sailmaker Increases Productivity with Dual-head Automated Flat Bed Cutter


(Free Press Release) Hagoort Sails, the largest commercial sailmaker in the Netherlands recently installed a new dual gantry Genesis automated cutter.

Dutch Sailmaker Increases Productivity with Dual-head Automated Flat Bed Cutter


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Hagoort Sails, the largest commercial sailmaker in the Netherlands recently installed a new dual gantry Genesis automated cutter. Employing over 13 people, the company produces 10 to 15 sails every week for sailing vessels ranging from leisure cruising craft to high performance racing yachts.

Modern sails are manufactured from a wide range of materials from classic heavy duty polyester, and stretch resistant polymers such as polyesters and aramids to the latest laminated and composite materials. Each material has unique properties and require a different technique when cutting. With a knife blade, woven materials like canvas can fray whilst heavy materials can drag which reduces cutting accuracy.

The Genesis has a powered rotary cutting wheel and as the wheel spins at high speed, it reduces resistance and gives a cleaner cut. This allows faster cutting speeds, especially beneficial for large sail panels. The laser cuts with an accuracy of ±0.02mm and as there is no direct contact with the material, even though it operates at speeds up to 1000mm/second there is no dragging of the material. The laser seals woven materials as it cuts which eliminates fraying, therefore improving the strength and quality of the sail.

The Genesis has a cut area of 1.6m x 10 metres which means it can cope with large panels. The automated nesting software maximizes material utilisation, saving time and reducing material waste, as the materials are expensive, the cost savings are significant.

Martin Baas, owner of Hagoort Sails commented, “The Genesis has both a rotary knife and a laser on the same machine, which means we only need one machine to perform both functions so it saves floor space in our sail loft. Being able to cut and heat seal materials simultaneously speeds up production and reduces labour costs. Our turnover is increasing year upon year and the Genesis allows us to cope with the growing demand for our sails without having to take on additional staff. It means we have increased our productivity at the same time as providing the highest quality sails for our customers.”


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Dutch Sailmaker Increases Productivity with Dual-head Automated Flat Bed Cutter

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