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Leading Quality Certification Company G-PMC in Talks to Certify The National Rifle Association (NRA)


(Free Press Release) Quality Certification expert Daryl Guberman and his team at Guberman-PMC are in talks that with the National Rifle Association (NRA) that could lead to not just better quality control processes in place, but also help defend the 2nd Amendment.

Leading Quality Certification Company G-PMC in Talks to Certify The National Rifle Association (NRA)


New York, NY, USA, June 22, 2018 -- It's no secret that the right to bear arms, as protected by the 2nd Amendment, is under serious attack in the United States. With the National Rifle Association (NRA) being its most prominent defender, anything that can help the NRA perform more optimally benefits the cause of those who would like to see the freedom to continue to legally own firearms continue. In good news in this area Quality Certification authorities Guberman-PMC recently celebrated they are in talks with the NRA to quality certify the organization and all of its branches, something which would certainly benefit the group and its worthy cause.

“This is very exciting for us since it is something we very much believe in,” commented Daryl Guberman, the outspoken patriot and head of Guberman-PMC. “The NRA can use the help and we are the professionals that can take their quality processes to the next level, to the advantage of all concerned.”

According to Guberman-PMC, one of the many benefits they can bring to the table for the NRA is getting them ARM-9009 certification, which most experts agree can go a long way towards defending gun rights. Other areas where the company has proven themselves to be able to help organizations and businesses include process and management analysis; internal auditing; documentation development; training and implementation; and potential, customer, and supplier auditing.

Founder and head of Guberman-PMC, Daryl Guberman, has over three decades experience in quality certification and building positions in an extremely wide-range of spaces. He is also a well-known, and outspoken independent political activist who is considering a run for Senate in his home state of Connecticut in 2020.

The NRA has had mixed success in recent years and many consider it well suited for a quality auditing.  The organization is in a time of great change and opportunity with over six million members and a new President Lt. Colonel Oliver North recently taking office, with dynamic change and an eye towards winning new gains in mind.

More information about the negotiations between the Guberman-PMC and the NRA stay tuned to the company's very active website and YouTube channel.

For more information be sure to visit http://dguberman.com.

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Leading Quality Certification Company G-PMC in Talks to Certify The National Rifle Association (NRA)

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