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Press Release: Electronic Medical Records Market by Growth Opportunity and Demand Forecast to 2023


Written by Donna Paulsen Monday, 09 July 2018 15:38

The Electronic Medical Records market report covers market characteristics, size and growth, segmentation, regional and country breakdowns, competitive landscape, market shares, trends and strategies for this market.

Press Release: Global Wearable Biosensors Market is Projected to Expand at a CAGR of 8.12% During the Forecast Peri

Business Directory

Written by Steve blade Monday, 09 July 2018 11:37

According to Goldstein Research, rising geriatric population, monitoring older adults passively in their own living settings through placing sensors in their living environments or the objects they use is of utmost importance.

Press Release: Global Preventive Healthcare Technologies, Products And Services Market Is Expected To Reach US$ 487

Health and Fitness

Written by charlie gefen Monday, 09 July 2018 11:34

Global Preventive Healthcare Technologies, Products And Services Market Is Expected To Reach US$ 487.4 Bn By 2025

Press Release: Bespoke House Removal Options from Moversint

Home Improvement

Written by James Moss Monday, 09 July 2018 11:22

Looking to move abroad? You’re going to want to take advantage of some first rate, accredited house removals specialists, preferably with over 30 years’ experience shipping to France, Spain and a whole range of destinations. Movers International tick all of these boxes.

Press Release: Global Waste Sorting Robots Market Size is Set to Reach USD 12.24 Billion by 2024 Growing at a CAGR

Business Directory

Written by Steve blade Monday, 09 July 2018 11:15

According to Goldstein Research, rising population and their consumption are increasing the waste produced from various households, commercial areas and industries. Need for having faster processes in waste management to handle the waste produced, which is increasing at a double rate is significantl ...

Press Release: MentorHealth to organize webinar on the topic, “Being Prepared for a HIPAA Audit” on July 31

Social Media

Written by Roger Steven Monday, 09 July 2018 11:11

“Being Prepared for a HIPAA Audit” is the topic of a webinar that is being organized by MentorHealth, a leading provider of professional trainings for the healthcare industry, on July 31

Press Release: And Little Things adds new festive collections like Rakhis to its curated fashion jewelry portfolio


Written by Mohana Monday, 09 July 2018 11:02

And Little Things is a personalized gifting experience online store which has recently added wearable silver bead rakhis to its existing portfolio of curated fashion jewelry including bracelets, earrings, and necklaces etc.

Press Release: Warm Blood Perfusion System Market is Projected to Expand at a CAGR of 8.01% During the Forecast Per

Business Directory

Written by Steve blade Monday, 09 July 2018 10:54

According to Goldstein Research, warm blood perfusion system is designed to increase the time frame that an organ can be preserve outside the body in a condition suitable for transplantation by minimizing time dependent ischemic injury, provide surgeons the window to assess the function of the organ ...

Press Release: Attractive Growth Opportunities in the Applicant Tracking System Market


Written by Pankaj Chandan Monday, 09 July 2018 10:49

The Applicant Tracking System market has been segmented on the basis of component, deployment mode, organization size, vertical, and region.

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