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Asphalt Services Inc. has Expanded Commercial Operations in Three New England States

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(Free Press Release) Driveway sealing and asphalt paving company announces expansion of its commercial operations Hartford CT, Nashua NH and Providence RI

Asphalt Services Inc. has Expanded Commercial Operations in Three New England States


Woburn, MA ( newpressrelease ) March 15, 2013 - John Baldasaro, President and CEO of Massachusetts based commercial paving company has announced the expansion of commercial operations of his company, Asphalt Services Inc. They shall now be servicing commercial clients throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.

Commercial operations include site excavation, sealcoating, snow removal, line stripping, drainage work, concrete work, patch and repair, landscaping, installation of sidewalks, patios, reclaiming, etc. And to encourage clients and prospective customers learn more about their services, they have arranged a series of no-obligation 'Lunch and Learn Seminars'.

"Not everyone likes to share information about how they work, but not us. We welcome clients willing to learn more about how we undertake our projects, about our products, methods of paving, etc. And at the end of every Lunch and Learn Seminar, guests are provided a free parking lot maintenance guide, photographs of products and free material samples. For those willing, we undertake a free no-obligation on-site evaluation of the property to assess requirements," says a spokesperson for the Company.

It is a known fact that asphalt is a better material to use than concrete because of its ability to withstand snowstorms and other environmental factors. But not everyone is convinced. The Seminar helps them explain prospective customers about the properties of asphalt and the benefits of choosing specialized services such as sealcoating, reclaiming etc.

So far, the results have been encouraging and have helped us gain servicing contracts from clients such as The Stop and Shop Co., The Neville Company, he says. Besides commercial paving, Asphalt Services also undertakes residential paving in Massachusetts.

The Company has a history of more than three decades and has serviced some of Massachusetts's best schools, strip malls, worship centers and industrial facilities. They're associated with professional associations such as BOMA- Building Owners and Managers Association, RHA-Rental Housing Authority, etc. "We're proud to be a part of US paving industry which largely started as small family owned businesses, but have now burgeoned into a multi-billion dollar industry," adds the spokesperson.

The driveway sealing and asphalt paving process may seem simple at the outset- hot mix asphalt is loaded on trucks and even spread. But a close inspection would reveal that this is a knowledge intensive job that needs experience and expertise. Operators should possess a thorough understanding of the temperature of the asphalt, because if the mix is too hot, the compactor would just push the asphalt forward and if it is too cold, compaction cannot be achieved. The Company's three decades of experience and continuous experimentation has helped it to understand these complications and achieve 100% project success.

About Asphalt Services Inc.:

Asphalt Services Inc. is a thirty year old family owned business that is operated out of Woburn, Massachusetts. The Company has been servicing residential and commercial clients in and around Massachusetts, and has now expanded operations in three new cities. Some of its prestigious clients include Stop and Shop, Keypoint Partners, The Beal Companies, and many more.

To know more, visit, http://www.asphaltservicesinc.com

To speak directly to the President and CEO, John Baldasaro, call him on 1-866-546-8867


Asphalt Services Inc. has Expanded Commercial Operations in Three New England States

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