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AGIS Manufactures Ceramic Fiber Rope for Extreme High Temperature Applications

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(Free Press Release) Suburban Philadelphia manufacturer/distributor has added twisted, round braided and square braided ceramic fiber rope to its line of high-temperature sealing products.

AGIS Manufactures Ceramic Fiber Rope for Extreme High Temperature Applications


A line of ceramic fiber rope products, which maintain their integrity when exposed to temperatures up to 2300 ° F, is available from AGIS, LLC, specialists in high temperature sealing products.

AGIS Ceramic Fiber Rope is a soft, pliable material designed for gasketing, mechanical packing and sealing applications in the chemical, petrochemical, foundry, metalworking, heat treating and other industries where extreme high temperatures and/or corrosive service conditions are common. It is available in twisted, square and round braided forms.

Recommended applications include furnace linings, gas turbine muffler seals, expansion joint seals, insulation for laboratory ovens, gasketing for pollution control equipment and vacuum degassing equipment; super heater seals; gasketing and seals for doors on industrial boilers, wood burning stoves, coke ovens and furnaces, among other applications.

AGIS Ceramic Fiber Rope is manufactured by twisting or braiding long-staple, high-strength alumina and silica fibers together with an organic carrier. The carrier, which comprises about 20% of the fiber, is included to facilitate carding. At low temperatures, the carrier burns out without affecting the properties of the ceramic fiber.

AGIS Ceramic Fiber Rope is lightweight, low in thermal conductivity, immune to thermal shock, resistant to flame erosion, chemically stable, highly resilient at working temperatures, and maintains its tensile strength even after prolonged exposure to high temperatures

The product is available in a normal, three-play twisted form, which is suitable for most applications; in high density twisted form for applications requiring greater abrasion resistance; and in square or round braided configurations, where greater density and increased resiliency are required.

Options include: encasement in wire mesh for additional abrasion resistance or with graphite coating for increased lubricity.

AGIS Ceramic Fiber Rope is manufactured in diameters ranging from ¼” to 2” (in 1/8” increments) and is packed in standard containers of 10 and 25 pounds. Length varies with diameter: for example, a 10-pound container of twisted rope, ¼” diameter, is about 950 feet; a 25-pound container of round braid rope, 2” diameter, is about 50 feet.

For information, contact AGIS, LLC, 16 Poplar St., Ambler, PA 19002. PH: 215-646-8010, FAX: 215-646-8013; Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; web: www.AGISmfg.com.


AGIS Manufactures Ceramic Fiber Rope for Extreme High Temperature Applications

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