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Asia Medical Tourism & Forecast

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(Free Press Release) Renub Research (http://www.renub.com/report/asia-medical-tourism-analysis-forecast-152) has announced the addition of the Asia Medical Tourism & Forecast report to its offering

Asia Medical Tourism & Forecast


Medical tourism is now a popular term globally and it has whole new different meaning to different countries.


For Americans it means saving on medical expenses. Here the lower income group or middle income group not covered with medical insurance goes for medical tourism.


For Canadians and Europeans it means a saving as well as getting rid of long waiting line in government hospitals. In these countries middle income group also goes for medical tourism; who do not want to wait endlessly for their turn in government hospital.


For Africans it means a better healthcare facility which is not available in their country. In Africa rich/affluent and upper middle class families opts for medical tourism. Compared to western countries Asian tourist countries medical expenses costs less, which makes a ideal choice for them.


For Middle East citizens it is specialist medical treatment; which is not available in their country. In Middle East middle class and rich class citizens opts for medical tourism. Earlier Middle East citizens opt to western countries for medical treatment, but after 9/11 due to tightening of visa regime in western countries. Middle East people have started to travel Asian countries for Medical treatment.


In Asian countries, Thailand and Singapore are the two countries that receive maximum medical tourists owing to the quality healthcare infrastructure, minimal or no waiting time and availability of highly–skilled doctors. These two countries together accounted for over 60 percent of the total Asian medical tourist arrivals in 2013. In terms of medical tourism spending Thailand is the leader as its share in Asian medical tourism market followed by India in second position.


This is 3rd edition report on Asia Medical Tourism by Renub Research. Report titled " Asia Medical Tourism Analysis & Forecast” provides a comprehensive analysis of the Asia medical tourism market covering in detail various aspects such as Medical Tourists’ Arrival and Medical Tourists Market (spending) in Top 5 Asian Countries.



The Top 5 Countries covered in the report are as follows


1. Singapore (16 Countries Covered)

2. Thailand   (15 Countries Covered)

3. South Korea (15 Countries Covered)

4. Malaysia    (20 Countries Covered)

5. India     (63 Countries Covered)


This 526 page report with 533 Figures and 7 Tables provides a complete analysis of top 5 countries in terms of medical treatment. All the 5 countries in the report have been studied from 2 viewpoints.


I. Medical Tourists Arrivals from the year 2004 – 2018

II. Medical Tourism Market (Spending) from the year 2009 – 2018


All the 5 countries in the report cover medical tourist’s arrivals and medical tourism market (spending) from different countries.



Singapore Medical Tourists Arrivals and Spending: (16 Countries Covered)


1. United States 2. Canada 3. Indonesia 4. Malaysia 5. Philippines 6. Thailand 7. China 8. Taiwan 9. Hong Kong 10. South Korea 11. India 12. Netherlands 13. United Kingdom 14. Australia 15. Africa 16. Others



Thailand Medical Tourists Arrivals and Spending: (15 Countries Covered)


1. Japan 2. United States 3. South Asian Region 4. Britain 5. Middle East  6. Asian Region 7. Taiwan & China 8. Germany 9. Australia 10. France 11. South Korea 12. Canada 13. East Europe 14. Scandinavia 15. Others




South Korea Medical Tourists Arrivals and Spending: (15 Countries Covered)


1. United States 2. Canada 3. China 4. Japan 5. Russia 6. Mongolia 7. Vietnam 8. Philippines 9. Kazakhstan 10. Saudi Arabia 11. Uzbekistan 12. Indonesia 13. United Arab Emirates 15. Others



Malaysia Medical Tourists Arrivals and Spending: (20 Countries Covered)


1. United States 2. United Kingdom 3. Indonesia 4. China & Hong Kong 5. Libya 6. Nepal 7. Japan 8. Iran 9. Australia 10. India 11. Singapore 12. Saudi Arabia 13. Myanmar 14. Philippines 15. Virgin Island, British 16. Bangladesh 17. Germany 18. Korea 19. France 20. Others



India Medical Tourists Arrivals and Spending: (63 Countries Covered)


1. United States 2. Canada 3. Argentina 4. Brazil 5. Mexico 6. Austria 7. Belgium 8. Denmark 9. Finland 10. France 11. Germany 12. Greece 13. Ireland 14. Italy 15. Netherlands 16. Norway 17. Portugal 18. Spain 19. Sweden 20. Switzerland 21. UK 22. Czech Rep. 23. Hungary 24. Kazakhstan 25. Poland 26. Russian Fed. 27. Ukraine 28. Egypt 29. Kenya 30. Mauritius 31. Nigeria 32. South Africa 33. Sudan 34. Tanzania 35. Bahrain 36. Iraq 37. Israel 38. Oman 39. Saudi Arabia 40. Turkey 41. UAE 42. Yemen 43. Afghanistan 44. Iran 45. Maldives 46. Nepal 47. Pakistan 48. Bangladesh 49. Sri Lanka 50. Bhutan 51.Indonesia 52. Malaysia 53. Myanmar 54. Philippines 55. Singapore 56. Thailand 57. Vietnam 58. China (Main) 59. China (Taiwan) 60. Japan 61. Republic of Korea 62. Australia 63. New Zealand


Asia Medical Tourism & Forecast

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