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Sun Lab Offers Answers for Those Needing Skin Tanning without UV Risk

Health and Fitness

(Free Press Release) Sun Laboratories continues to refine its tanning product line, addressing all skin-tone types. No UV exposure is required for product activation.

Sun Lab Offers Answers for Those Needing Skin Tanning without UV Risk


Innovation and consumer responsiveness characterize the company known as Sun Laboratories. It has a record of continuously fine-tuning and refining its quality line of safe, topical tanning products. Tanning of the skin occurs naturally with exposure to sunlight due to ultraviolet (UV) components in solar radiation. Too much UV radiation is associated with early-onset skin cancer. Alternative tanning of the skin is possible using topical ointments, lotions, foams, and the like to color the skin. In the late twentieth century, these topical treatments were interesting, but with the evolving statistical increase in skin cancer incidence, the tanning products have become especially desirable.

The onslaught of tanning salon ventures in the last twenty years, their use by the teenage population and young adults, and resulting statistical increase of early-onset skin cancer has brought intense public health scrutiny. Recent FDA warnings have clearly linked exposure to UV rays to development of early-onset skin cancer. Such exposure results either through direct sun exposure or through the use of tanning beds. As a result, interest in safe tanning alternatives to UV exposure has increased. FDA data have demonstrated that UV exposure through direct sunlight has not been as significant to skin cancer increase as has UV exposure through use of tanning beds.

The desire for a "healthy" tan continues, but the health perspective is to eliminate the cause skin cancer. The bottom line? There needs to be a safe approach to tanning. We need a tan that does not require the UV exposure. Sun Laboratories has the answers. Numbers of products have been developed by Sun Laboratories since the 1980s and range from lotions to sprays to gels to foams. One example reveals the secret to the company's success and the appeal of the products to both professional and more casual consumers. The product, "Sun Labs Tan Overnight sunless tanning Lotion," not only provides a deep tan where applied, but the tan develops in just three hours even while promoting a moist skin through its natural formula of ingredients. Of course, there is no UV exposure necessary, even for a tan to be both deep and beautiful. And this is just one of many available Sun Laboratories tanning products.

This Chatsworth, CA, firm offers detailed product information, before and after examples, and a video tutorial to provide a myriad of special detailed information. Sun Laboratories' fine collection of tanning products cater both to the fair-skinned and to those with darker complexions. Product information is easily accessed on the internet at Sun Laboratories consumer website.

Whether the consumer is interested in overnight tanning, just tinting the skin, or modifying just a small portion of the body with tan, faithful employees provide quality natural products from this American company with laboratories in Chatsworth, CA. Consumers rating this company for product quality and service on Amazon.com typically choose a level of four stars, a testimony to a quality product and company.

Sun Laboratories has pioneered a safer approach to tanning with its exclusive range of sunless tanning products. Experience the difference with their unique tanning formulations available at http://www.sunlabsonline.com/.

Sun Lab Offers Answers for Those Needing Skin Tanning without UV Risk

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