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Belinda Kirkpatrick Provides Successful Fertility Treatment

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(Free Press Release) Leading Sydney naturopath Belinda Kirkpatrick ensures successful fertility treatment with latest clinical tests, nutritional supplements, herbal medicines as well as dietary & lifestyle changes.

Belinda Kirkpatrick Provides Successful Fertility Treatment


Paddington, NSW (newpressrelease) April 23, 2014 - The NSW couples having sleepless nights over pregnancy issues need not worry further, expert fertility naturopath in Sydney Belinda Kirkpatrick has assured successful fertility treatment with premium holistic health-care.

A leading name across the NSW natural health scene, Kirkpatrick is a seasoned university qualified nutritionist & naturopath, with specialisation in natural fertility, gynecological & family care. She is experienced in comprehensive general practice as well. A Bachelor in Naturopathy, Belinda has also earned an Associate Degree in Clinical Science & Advance Diploma of Naturopathy. She has completed Masters in Reproductive Medicine & holds membership with Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

Kirkpatrick operates with two clinics in Balmain and Paddington. Her treatments include nutritional supplements, herbal medicines as well as dietary & lifestyle changes.

"As a seasoned naturopath in Sydney, Kirkpatrick is really passionate regarding helping those struggling with conception problems. After a thorough investigation, treatment of underlying health issues, changing of diet, lifestyle & implementation of proper nutritional supplements, Belinda has helped several couples to achieve the coveted dream of full-term healthy pregnancy," said Kirkpatrick's spokesperson.

Speaking about Belinda's fertility management consultancy, clients are assured of thorough treatment of both male and female reproductive health troubles. During the initial consultancy phase, Kirkpatrick examines the health history of each partner, followed by order appropriate semen or blood analysis, charting of basal-body temperature & cervical mucus. She prescribes individualized reproductive health diets, individual herbal medicines & nutritional supplements to optimise fertility in both partners.

"Belinda even helps couples with miscarriage prevention with her preconception health-care to reduce miscarriage incidences. Latest clinical testing like antibody tests, genetic testing and hormonal analysis is deployed to lessen miscarriage occurrences," the manager stressed.

Added to pre & post-conception care, Kirkpatrick also extends IVF support. She works with doctors, specialists & other varied health professionals to offer individualized, quality holistic health-care.

About Belinda Kirkpatrick

Belinda Kirkpatrick is an expert university qualified naturopath & nutritionist, specializing in family, natural fertility, gynecological and general health care. She treats patients with nutritional supplements, herbal medicines as well as dietary & lifestyle changes. For more details, visit http://www.belindakirkpatrick.com.au/

Contact Name: Belinda Kirkpatrick


220A Glenmore Road

Paddington, NSW

Australia - 2021

Phone: 0400 551 622 (Paddington)


Belinda Kirkpatrick Provides Successful Fertility Treatment

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