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Fitness Keys Consultants Releases New Book and Workout DVD: Fitness Keys 4 U

Health and Fitness

(Free Press Release) New book release, Fitness Keys 4 U Book includes lifetime meal and exercise plan plus a free bonus workout DVD included with book purchase. All books come autographed.

Fitness Keys Consultants Releases New Book and Workout DVD: Fitness Keys 4 U


Mount Prospect, IL -- 01/03/2014 --With thousands of new diabetes, heart disease and other metabolic diagnoses being made in America every day, it's no wonder why millions of people are looking for one easy to follow, comprehensive resource to assist them in fighting the epidemic of obesity. Fitness Keys Consultants, an independent publisher founded by Jonathan Washington and based in Mount Prospect, Illinois, has released a new resource that is designed to fill this need: Fitness Keys 4 U.

While many turn to electronic devices and digital apps to help them track and manage their weight loss goals, Fitness Keys 4U offers so much more than simple tracking. Fitness Keys 4 U provides users with a lifetime meal and exercise plan along with a bonus workout DVD designed to complement the content of the book and get you on the road to the lifestyle changes that will not only take the weight off, but keep it off for life. According to company founder Jonathan Washington: "The mere act of putting together a plan, implementing sound eating and exercise principles and writing down the results makes it more tangible and real than simply plugging numbers into an app. Recording fitness activities, meals and project timelines in a book ensures that we hold ourselves accountable to our plan. Taking the time to add up hours and calculate points ourselves rather than letting an electronic device do it for us provides a greater sense of ownership and responsibility for keeping on track with our own progress."

The Fitness Keys 4 U Book has been painstakingly compiled to be a comprehensive resource for anyone serious about losing weight, getting into shape and getting into better health. Each chapter is jam-packed full of easy to digest, critical information that can obese individuals create a customized eating and exercise plan that will speed up metabolism and jump start weight loss. The book is accompanied by a bonus workout DVD that walk you through each exercise movement so that you get the greatest benefit from every minute of exercise. The DVD will also teach you how to enjoy working out, so you can develop a lifelong love of exercise and stick with your training for life.

This program is suitable for all ages and genders. No matter how much weight you want to lose or how much muscle you want to gain, the Fitness Keys For U book and DVD set will help you reach your goals.

About Jonathan Washington:

Jonathan Washington, a former high school teammate of NBA All Star Kevin Garnett, lost 100 pounds in 8 months and brought his body fat down to 7 percent. Jonathan is now an Expert Certified Fitness Trainer and the best-selling author of the book "Improving You" as well as an Expert Certified Life Coach. And now, through the development of Fitness Keys 4 U, he continues his mission to help thousands worldwide improve physically, mentally, and spiritually. For more information regarding how to order Fitness Keys For U or additional products and services offered by Jonathan Washington, please visit http://www.fitnesskeys4u.com/.


Jonathan Washington is an expert certified fitness trainer, best-selling author and expert certified life coach. To see how Jonathan's program can benefit you, visit Fitness Keys 4 U Book or Fitness Keys 4 U.

Fitness Keys Consultants Releases New Book and Workout DVD: Fitness Keys 4 U

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