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New Jersey-based Advanced Laser & Skin Cancer Center Educates Patients on Caring for Rosacea

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(Free Press Release) New Jersey dermatologist Dr. Gangaram Ragi treats the skin condition rosacea

New Jersey-based Advanced Laser & Skin Cancer Center Educates Patients on Caring for Rosacea


Teaneck, NJ ( newpressrelease ) January 3, 2014 - Rosacea is a common, highly-visible, skin condition which causes areas of redness to appear on the nose, cheeks, chin or forehead. Many people with this condition feel embarrassed by their appearance. Fortunately, Dr. Ganagaram Ragi, of the New Jersey-based practice, Advanced Laser & Skin Cancer Center, offers treatments for rosacea which will help improve patients' confidence and appearance.

Dr. Ragi, a board certified dermatologist and surgeon, has more than 20 years expertise in the treatment of general and cosmetic dermatology. Dr. Ragi offers general dermatology services at his practice, including treatments for rosacea, to help patients improve the condition of their skin, and manage their symptoms efficiently.

According to Dr. Ragi, the exact cause of rosacea is still unclear, though many experts believe genetics play a role in the condition. Dr. Ragi says that rosacea occurs when the skin becomes irritated, causing blood vessels within the face to expand, and redness to be visible on the face. This is known as a "flare-up." Outside irritants which trigger a rosacea flare-up include overexposure to the sun, hot weather, personal stress, and certain foods or drinks. Some symptoms of rosacea include dry, irritated eyes, a flushed, red face, and coarse, bumpy skin. Dr. Ragi adds that the condition most commonly occurs in people who are over the age of 30, and have fair skin.

Dr. Ragi says that a patient's symptoms, combined with the pattern of redness on their face, are usually enough to diagnose rosacea without any extensive medical tests. Rosacea can be treated with simple methods, including low-dose antibiotics, or creams which contain medicines. Additionally, Dr. Ragi offers laser treatments for rosacea, which aim wavelengths of light at the expanded blood vessels which cause rosacea to form. The light creates energy in the vessels, causing them to eventually collapse, and significantly reducing the appearance of redness.

Dr. Ragi adds that prevention is important when it comes to rosacea. He advises patients to learn what triggers their rosacea, and to manage their symptoms by avoiding outside sources which may cause a rosacea flare-up. He also advises patients to be gentle with their skin, and to consult a board certified dermatologist if their condition or symptoms become worse.

Dr. Ragi -practices at Advanced Laser & Skin Cancer Center in Teaneck, New Jersey. Those interested in exploring rosacea treatments, or any other skin procedure or treatment, are encouraged to call 201.836.9696, or visit http://www.advancedlaserandskincancercenter.com.

About Advanced Laser & Skin Cancer Center

Dr. Gangaram Ragi is a board certified surgeon and dermatologist, practicing at the Advanced Laser & Skin Cancer Center. Dr. Ragi specializes in Mohs surgery, skin cancer surgery, laser surgery, and cosmetic and general dermatology. Dr. Ragi operates his practice with the utmost efficiency and care for each patient.

Dr. Ragi has more than 20 years experience as a MOHS surgeon, having received his training in Dermatology at the State University of New York, Buffalo, and in Dermatologic Surgery at the Roswell Park Memorial Institute, in Buffalo, New York.

Advanced Laser & Skin Cancer Center can be reached at 201-836-9696, or http://www.advancedlaserandskincancercenter.com.


New Jersey-based Advanced Laser & Skin Cancer Center Educates Patients on Caring for Rosacea

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