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Apollo Munich Optima Restore Plan Offers Innovative Healthcare Coverage

Health and Fitness

(Free Press Release) Apollo Group of Hospitals and Munich Health joined hands together to form a pure health insurance company- Apollo Munich Health Insurance. It has been introduced as a standalone health insurance provider that works with an aim of providing easy and affordable healthcare products for a secured future to citizens of India.

Apollo Munich Optima Restore Plan Offers Innovative Healthcare Coverage


(NewPressRelease.com) In India, health insurance has always suffered several misconceptions. It’s role and importance has been misjudged by many people, as a consequence of which majority of people are still uninsured. They prefer to compensate the healthcare expenses from their pocket instead of paying the insurance premium. However, when it comes to deal with medical care expenses, the person is compelled to go through fiscal stress. It makes the situation complictaed for the individual as it further affects the kind of treatment availed and the health recovery of the person. So, it is important to think of a solution so as to recover from any health contingency without any intricacy. In this regard, health insurance is the best suited and the most feasible option.

Medical insurance coverage offers several innovative healthcare plan that makes it possible for all to enjoy quality healthcare devoid of any monetary upheaval. At the cost of affordable insurance premium, the policy entitles the policy holder or the covered members to several ralted benefits.

When it comes to innovative healthcare plans, Apollo Munich Health Insurance is a name that makes a remarkable contribution. All its plans imbibe certain unique features that makes the healthcare coverage comprehensive. It has have designed cost- effective yet innovative medical insurance policies to take good care of people’s health. Thereby it enable all to acquire the healthcare safety and get secured. The company works with a tagline- ‘Let’s Uncomplicate’ that operates on the view to serve people with hassle free healthcare services.

In the list of healthcare products offered, Optima Restore is the most innovative health care plan that builds the concept of ‘Unbelievable’. Weaving along truly unique features, the plan makes medical care coverage comprehensive yet beneficial. Through this plan, Apollo Munich allow people to restore the entire sum insured amount if happen to exhaust it in the middle of the policy year. To assist people enjoy policy coverage in case of any illness, the restore benefit automatically reinstates the entire insurance amount. With this service of restoring the total insurance amount, the policy open the way towards quality healthcare without any stress about having consumed the policy coverage amount. Clearing all the hassles in the process it helps the policy holder enjoy the wide ranging benefits.

In addition to this, Optima Restore features ‘Multiplier Benefit’. Under this benefit the policy multiplies the sum insured amount in case the policy holder does not make the claim. It entitles him/ her to a no claim bonus of 50% increase in the insurance amount for a claim free year. If the individual does not apply for claim even in the second year, the policy doubles the basin sum insured making it 100% of the insurance amount. Several health plans might be offering no claim discount, but Optima Restore offers it with a unique feature. It makes the coverage truly benefiticial for the insured. It not only makes the policy innovative but also ensures the fulfillment of healthcare needs with complete satisfaction. While it caters to customer satisfaction, the policy holder is not burdened with any extra paperwork in this process. Devoid of any extra loading or additional cost, the policy is affordable for all.

In this way, Optima Restore offers truly innovative health care coverage. Besides including the two unique features, there are other unbelievable benefits like lifelong renewal, cashless hospitalization, no geography based sub- limits and tax benefit. In this way, the policy is comprised of all comprehensive features to serve the insured with best healthcare benefits. Having formulated such health plans, Apollo Munich works to achieve its prime aim of achieving the target of customer satisfaction that can be done by providing them with the required coverage. It works with a tag line- “We know healthcare. We know insurance.”

Being a standalone health insurance provider, Apollo Munich has formulated numerous medical care plans that flexible enough to find a comfortable space in varied budget frames. At the same time, they ensure comprehensive medical care coverage without any compromise.

It is thus easy to find the best health cover for self. By investing with Apollo Munich, people of all income groups can enjoy innovative healthcare coverage. Having gained a reputed status in its sector, the company has been serving people with not only innovative but also best health insurance policies. So, enjoy best- in class services with no compromise as and when required.

Apollo Munich Optima Restore Plan Offers Innovative Healthcare Coverage

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