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Rancho Mirage Urologists are Experts in Robotic Medicine

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(Free Press Release) In 21st Century medical care, robotic surgeries are playing an increasingly important role in cancer removal and treatment.

Rancho Mirage Urologists are Experts in Robotic Medicine



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39000 Bob Hope Dr. P #303, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270 — urologists specialize in problems associated with the urinary tracts of both men and women. Sometimes, these problems include cancers of the bladder and prostate gland. In 21st Century medical care, robotic surgeries are playing an increasingly important role in cancer removal and treatment. Valley Urologic Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, California, specializes in laparoscopic surgery utilizing the daVinci robotic system.

Prostate cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers and affects tens of thousands of men every year. If the gland requires a complete removal, then a procedure known as a radical prostatectomy is performed. At Valley Urologic, this procedure may be performed robotically. A primary advantage of robotic surgery is that the tiny instruments require much smaller incisions. Therefore, trauma to the body during the procedure is drastically reduced; the risk for internal injury while removing the gland is also substantially reduced. Many radical prostatectomies have been successfully performed using the daVinci robotic systems.

In a disease that affects thousands of men and women every year, robotics can also remove cancerous growths that affect the bladder and kidneys. Some parts of the bladder or kidneys must be removed in order to remove the cancer and surgical robotics have proven track record of success in doing so.

But many patients are apprehensive about having a robot operate on them. However, it is much more complicated than that. The robot does not do the operating, for the doctor is always in control. Basically, the robotic system has an instrumental appendage, a control console, and articulation controls with positive feedback for the physician. The instruments can be changed at any time during the surgery and offer a higher degree of control and precision than other types of surgical procedures. Other advantages to robotic cancer surgery include better surgical control, enhanced visualization, and increased access to problematic areas.

The professionals at Valley Urologic in Rancho Mirage are quick to point out that as effective as robotic surgery may be, it is not a panacea. In other words, robotic surgery cannot be effectively used for everything. It does, however, lend itself nicely to specialized medical disciplines such as urology due to the small size of incisions made and its ease of access. Due to the nature of the human urologic system, robotic surgery is perfectly suited to this particular medical specialization. Minimally invasive surgical procedures that include robotics require a series of incisions that are only of one to two centimeters. In contrast, cardiac surgery requires the entire chest to be opened for effective treatment.

These types of minimally invasive surgeries are important for patients. The nature of the small incision, the precision of the movements, and laser-like targeting of the diseased organs makes for big advantages during recovery. Minimally invasive procedures such as laparoscopic robotics offer lower blood loss and shorter hospital stays. The surgeons at Valley Urologic have become experts at robotic surgeries and have helped thousands of patients recover faster with less post-surgical pain and trauma.

Contact: Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi
Phone: 760-346-1133

Visit us at: http://www.valleycosmeticurology.com

Rancho Mirage Urologists are Experts in Robotic Medicine

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