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Energy Balancing - The New Holistic Therapy In Sydney Restoring Health

Health and Fitness

(Free Press Release) A new and unique holistic therapy is seeing a popular following in Sydney, Australia that provides an interesting way of providing positive improvement in people health by using specialized energy balancing techniques not readily used before. If you are looking to get results in improving your health and outlook on life this may be as they say just what the doctor ordered,...

Energy Balancing - The New Holistic Therapy In Sydney Restoring Health


Balancing the positives and negatives in life can be difficult. The Chinese system of yin and yang best illustrates the methods utilized to establish energy balancing in our daily lives. This is the belief that there exists two complementary forces in the universe - one is Yang representing all that is positive (or masculine) and the other is Yin, characterized as negative (or feminine) There is no suggestion that one is better than the other, only that they are both necessary and an equal balance of both is highly desirable in order to maintain an 'ordered' lifestyle.

Positive, negative, light and shade, good health and ill health all express the contrasts existing within the world we know consisting of 'energy'. It's because of this energy and all that it creates for us, that we have slowly developed over the centuries studies that make use of these energies to assist us to handle the many obstacles that affect us both mentally and physically and effect our health.

One of Sydney's fast-emerging leading therapies for the mind and body is 'energy balancing', a cover-all phrase that encompasses a number of individual, yet connected systems of using the natural energy around us and within us to heal.

Color therapy, stress relief, stress treatment, Pranic healing and chakra balancing are just some of the systems - all energy-based methods of what is commonly known as Holistic health and healing.

When we consider that the universe is made up of a combination of protons, neutrons and electrons all oscillating and bouncing around together it stands to reason that all this jostling creates what we know as energy.  One form this takes is the sounds created when we make music. For centuries it has been a known fact that certain types of music can soothe and relax – others can provoke those listening to violence and even incite riots and mayhem – the call to arms and battle whipped up by trumpets and drums.

Energy balancing for health, then, is a proven system of maintaining the equilibrium necessary for a healthy lifestyle. However, this is not to say that it should replace conventional or alternative forms of health care where these are indicated. The secret, again, is 'balance'; informed decisions as to when to apply one form of 'healing' or another also fall within the bounds of balance and which 'treatment' is best for the condition.

Here is where your health energy balancing professional can be of great benefit to the balance of your own energy and well-being. She or he will apply the knowledge of whichever system of healing applies to you as an individual, because it should be remembered that we are not all alike – we are separate entities and must be viewed as such.

Anti-biotics are non-selective over which 'bugs' in our bodies they destroy. To restore the balance (or equilibrium of good and bad bugs) it is essential to take a course of pro-biotics if you want the immune system to be brought back to a state that will comfortably protect you.

Science tells us through the first law of thermodynamics that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only modified in form. If this is true then we can easily accept that energy balancing is made quite possible if we know the routines by which we can affect such balance.

The systems mentioned earlier, together with others, all contribute to balancing the body's energy in such a way as to render it healthy and able to take on the rigors of everyday life. It is important to understand what it is exactly that influences the energy fields in the body.

By studying the various systems of energy balance, or better still, by getting close to someone who specializes in their practice it is easily seen that much of the illness we experience in the human body is the direct or indirect result of either a blockage of the flow of energy or an imbalance of energy from one side of the body to the other. Once again we see the influence of the yin and yang and its effect in energy terms on the human form.

Natural therapies and energy balancing methods have demonstrated the beneficial effects on the body's health levels through their application. However, if you are seeking a genuine result of better health and because it takes years to fully understand the intricacies of the various disciplines, it is wise to contact one who specializes in energy balancing to restore your overall wellbeing.

Visit Sydney's Leading Energy Balancing Centre http://www.innertranquillity.com.au/ or contact Julia on 0404619148 to discover how energy balancing can help you.

Energy Balancing - The New Holistic Therapy In Sydney Restoring Health

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