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Stem Cell Research - An integral part of therapeutics

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(Free Press Release) Bharatbook added a new report on Stem Cell Research – Market Trends, Investment Trends and Pipeline Analysis which gives the key geographies and the role of Stem Cell Research.

Stem Cell Research - An integral part of therapeutics


Stem Cell Research - (NewPressRelease) Market Trends, Investment Trends and Pipeline AnalysisHigh Unmet Needs Associated with Chronic Diseases Boosts Stem Cell Research and DevelopmentStem cell therapies are expected to serve the unmet needs that are associated with treatment of certain chronic diseases. In spite of advancements in medical technology, there are very few treatment options available in the market to cure certain cardiovascular disorders, cancers, autoimmune and inflammatory disorders, spinal cord injury and others. Also, most of these therapies treat the symptoms without curing the disease. Stem cell therapies have the capacity to fill this gap of unmet need through its novel therapeutic approach that has the ability to cure the diseases. ( http://www.bharatbook.com/detail.asp?id=130308&rt=Stem-Cell-Research-Market-Trends-Investment-Trends-and-Pipeline-Analysis.html )

High Market Potential for Stem Cell Therapies has resulted in Establishing Strategic Partnerships between Large Pharmaceutical Companies and Stem Cell Research Based CompaniesStrategic partnerships between Pharmaceutical companies and Stem cell research companies have given a boost to stem cell research and development. Almost 90% of the drugs in clinical trials fail due to factors such as lack of effectiveness and adverse side effects of the drug. Usually animal or tumor cells are being used and this leads to jury-rigged tests. Hence, all major pharmaceutical companies look forward to new technologies that would increase the possibility to launch new therapies in the market place. At present, there has been a spur in investments from pharmaceutical companies into stem cell research through strategic partnerships with stem cell research companies. Major pharmaceutical companies have planned and aligned their objectives to enter the stem cell market in the next five years. Pharmaceutical companies are also keen to explore various methods where stem cells could be utilized in the drug discovery process that would accelerate the discovery of novel drug molecules.Promising Pipeline in Phase II and Phase III has Increased the Hopes of Commercialization of Stem Cell Therapies The total number of stem cell clinical trials has increased tremendously over the last few years.

. With more than five ongoing Phase III trials, the market is keenly awaiting the launch of these therapies within the next five years. The Preclinical research and Phase I trials have also increased at a phenomenal rate. This increase demonstrates the emerging interests in stem cell research across the globe. Supportive Regulatory Environment Coupled with Increase in Investments have Bolstered the Growth of Stem Cell ResearchIn the United States, President Barack Obama has lifted the federal funding restrictions on embryonic stem cell research. With the removal of this barrier, the authority of the department of health and human services, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH) will encourage support for human embryonic stem cell research. This will enable new therapies and new discoveries and will potentially lead to dramatic advances in the understanding and treatment of conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases and Alzheimer’s. The federal funding and VC funding for stem cell research is also expected to increase with this amendment from the US government.Key Geographies are Attracting Investments by Promoting Stem Cell TourismCountries that are advanced in providing stem cell therapies are taking advantage to attract investments from other countries by promoting stem cell tourism. The lack of stem cell therapy in a country forces the citizens suffering from debilitating conditions to travel to other countries where stem cell treatment is available. There has been an increase in the number of patients traveling from developed nations to countries like China, Thailand, Germany, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Israel and Argentina. Most of these countries promote stem cell tourism. This has the potential for excellent revenue generation for these countries. The role of stem cell research as an integral part of therapeutics, as well as its commercial potential is now being recognized by most major countries of the world. Stem cell based therapies have immense market potential, driven by a strong pipeline that caters to high unmet needs. Stem cell research is now firmly on the path to being developed and commercialized fully. Currently, the technology is in its early stages of development, which implies that barriers to entry in this market are relatively low. Meeting the vast unmet need that stem cell research will eventually target, along with a strong pipeline of therapeutic candidates, suggests that it is a fast growing market that will offer attractive opportunities for investment in the near future.  


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Stem Cell Research - An integral part of therapeutics

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