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Get Advice On Hemroids And Hemroid Treatment From The Guy Who Wrote The Book. Literally

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(Free Press Release) I haven't felt so happy and free for such a long time. Hemorrhoids had literally made my life a hell. Sometimes pain was just too much for me... I had one rubber-band ligation and one laser surgery in 2 years. After just a few months from my laser operation, the problem reappeared. After reading your book and using a mix of your topic creams and compresses, my problem was partially gone in 3 days. It's to early to give a complete heads-up but still, I am impressed. If I can cure myself, anybody can! Thank you!

Get Advice On Hemroids And Hemroid Treatment From The Guy Who Wrote The Book. Literally


January, 2010 - Maybe you sign up the newsletter, or visit the active discussion forums, where advice, information and support are served; you might buy “The Hemorrhoids Treatment Handbook,” the book co-authored by Dr. Liana Valeanu and “John” the site’s founder and British medical student. The choice is yours at HMT – www.hemroidshemorrhoids.com. The site, which offers clear explanations of just what the deal is with hemroids and various ways to combat the condition, is also the home for accessing clean unbiased research results of the top topical and herbal hemorrhoid remedies.

The handbook stresses that it is not a replacement for medical diagnoses or treatment, but makes the claim that if its game plan is followed, then your hemorrhoid troubles can be pushed back in less than a week! The handbook looks at causes and symptoms of hemorrhoid trouble. It also examines surgical alternatives for treatment, the importance of diet, ideas on proper stooling and a how to guide for finding which compresses, ointments and other topical creams are best for you. Herbs are among the easiest plants you'll ever grow. Keep them in pots by the kitchen and you'll have a ready harvest of multipurpose culinary and medicinal plants that can be steeped in teas, blended into salves and creams, added to oils and even shaped into suppositories. Think of your herb garden as part spice rack, part medicine cabinet.

 For instance, those plantain leaves you have can help deal with hemorrhoid issues. Herbs and plants have been used for thousands of years for health and well-being, and many are found in modern prescription pharmaceuticals. Worldwide, an estimated 80 percent of the global population uses herbal medicine, but in the United States, herbal remedies are classified as nutritional supplements rather than drugs. - In your own medicinal garden, you can grow scores of herbs and plants for treating maladies from head to toe, including head lice, colds and congestion, stomachaches, indigestion, arthritis, sunburn, dry skin, fungal infections, insect bites, bruises, sprains and much more. About hemroidshemorrhoids.com: From causes to symptoms, from bloody stool to burning and itching, become familiar with variations of hemroids relief products by visiting the Hemroid Medication/Treatment website, www.hemroidshemorrhoids.com. Is a one part community, one part one-stop home for researching and purchasing the most effective topical hemorrhoid creams. What type of hemroid treatment is for you? Visit HMT and find out.

Contact: Lawrence Kreger Advanced Health Consultants P.O. Box 530007, St. Petersburg, FL, 33747

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Phone #: 727-328-0859

Get Advice On Hemroids And Hemroid Treatment From The Guy Who Wrote The Book. Literally

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