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Los Angeles Immigration Doctor Celebrates Over 15 Years of Service

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(Free Press Release) Dr. Asher Ram is an approved civil surgeon with over 15 years experience with immigration medical exams. He takes a moment to reflect and address a few important immigration medical exam topics.

Los Angeles Immigration Doctor Celebrates Over 15 Years of Service


Los angeles, CA (newpressrelease ) July 04, 2011 - Dr. Asher Ram is an immigration doctor and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) approved Civil Surgeon for the past 15 years. Over the

years his office has seen a significant number of adjustment of status applicants who have successfully completed the i-693 immigration medical

exam. Dr. Ram offers low rates to immigration applicants in the Los Angeles County area.

We took a moment with Doctor to ask him for any tips that he could give for those looking into the process of obtaining an immigration medical exam. He kindly gave us

his top 5 immigration medical exam tips.

1. Make sure you get your immigration exam by a Licensed USCIS Civil Surgeonand Immigration Medical Exam Doctor. Go to a Doctor who focuses on this specific type of

exam. You could start by asking your attorney for a referral or visiting the USCIS website.

2. Avoid over-paying for your examination by asking for discounts and checking rates by contacting multiple offices.

3. Be sure to take your vaccination records with you if you have them, it will save you money.

4. For peace of mind ask the office how long it takes for your test results in case you are in a rush.

5. Make sure you are not getting a normal checkup, but that the Physician will fill out the form called i-693.

Dr. Asher Ram is faced with a large number of questions relating to the immigration medical examination requirements set out by the USCIS for those who seek to adjust

their status. One of the most frequently asked questions he gets in his practice about immigration medical exams is if the following are the same exam: “the INS

Medical Exam, an Immigration Physical, an Immigration Physical Exam, a green card medical exam?”

According to Dr. Asher Ram, a USCIS Doctor or Civil Surgeon is approved by the USCIS to perform immigration medical exams. This approval is crucial for any doctor to

be considered “Immigration Doctor,” or otherwise known by USCIS as an approved civil surgeon.

To the best of his knowledge, the above listed exam names in the question are typically performed by the Immigration Doctor, and are for the most part the identical

exam, intended to help immigrants with their adjustment of status.

Dr. Asher Ram focuses on providing low cost immigration medical exams tothose seeking an adjustment of status in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley Area. He

provides coupons and discounted rates right on his website.

His office is located at 14547 Victory Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411. His phone number is (818)290-8211.

With a significant number of exams performed, Dr. Ram will do his best to use his experience to avoid any difficulties or confusion on your part.

Same day appointments are available and if he can help you with any other medical issue, he will be there to help.

For more information be sure to visit: http://immigrationphysicaldoctor.com/


Los Angeles Immigration Doctor Celebrates Over 15 Years of Service

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