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Can You Have A Whiter Smile Using A Teeth Whitening Kit?

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(Free Press Release) One thing that must be cleared is that, any teeth whitening treatment at the hands of a specialist will tend to damage your teeth enamel very badly. At least it will have negative effects.

Can You Have A Whiter Smile Using A Teeth Whitening Kit?


17th June 2011 - When the cost of dental teeth whitening costs an average of twelve hundred dollars it is no wonder that many people are looking for more affordable Teeth Whitening kits. While most people would like a whiter, brighter smile when it comes to paying this kind of money many choose to settle with their teeth just the way they are.

Teeth whitening kits are an alternative that only cost around one hundred dollars. This price is far more manageable in most people’s budgets than twelve hundred per treatment. They are less expensive than having your teeth whitened by a dentist and less painful than laser whitening. The more expensive teeth whitening kits use a custom-made tray for your mouth but the results may not be significantly better than with a standard tray. Custom trays are a preference as they fit better and this helps to retain the whitening agent from coming in contact with your gums.

With at home teeth whitening kits you can expect to lighten but not perhaps as white as seven to eight shades whiter that can be achieved through professional whitening. In reality teeth whitening kits that you use at home will brighten your smile by about two to three shades with some people experiencing up to five shades lighter. It can make a dramatic difference in how dazzling your smile is.

If your goal is to improve your smile while managing the cost to do so then at home whitening is defiantly something to consider. You can even get guidance from your dentist at your regular check ups. You dentist is a great source of information as to what products work and which do not and how they will be effective with your particular set of teeth. Planning and knowledge goes the longest to saving you time and money. If you prepare and use the correct products for your teeth then you will have the results you desire.

Laser whitening treatments are the most expensive but may produce the best results. But, depending upon your goals you may be able to achieve the level of whiteness as far less cost.

The more treatments you perform the higher your costs to whiten you teeth will be not matter how you choose to whiten them. But with the price of whitening tray treatments from fifty to one hundred dollars you can perform many treatments before you reach the twelve hundred you might pay to a dentist.

Teeth whitening is not usually covered by dental insurance so the total cost is out of pocket to you. Once you purchase your dental trays it is pretty inexpensive to purchase refills.

Veneers are an option however they cost more than one thousand dollars per tooth. That makes at home whitening treatments even more attractive. For more information on Teeth Whitening products check out diyteethwhitening.co.uk. Our products use the strongest whitener available to use at home.

Can You Have A Whiter Smile Using A Teeth Whitening Kit?

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