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AAA T.L.C. Health Care Allows Families to Enjoy Peace of Mind

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(Free Press Release) Exceptional Level of In-Home Care Lets Loved Ones Rest Assured

AAA T.L.C. Health Care Allows Families to Enjoy Peace of Mind


Los Angeles, CA  – Families who have loved ones in need of extended in-home care would always want to be there. However, for many families it is not to personally provide this type of care. For the next best thing, families turn to AAA T.L.C Health Care. AAA T.L.C.’s expert nurses and in-home care professionals are there to provide loved ones the type of care they would expect from their own family. In addition to the most attentive medical care, AAA T.L.C. healthcare providers friendship and companionship that is so important for patients.

“When my own parents became ill and needed care, I was looking for the type of in-home care that I would give them myself if I had the knowledge and resources,” said Jody Sherman, Executive Director of AAA T.L.C Health Care. “It is then that I realized there is a need for in-home healthcare providers who not only give medical care but also truly care about their patients and their families. That was the start and the core principle of AAA T.L.C. Health Care.”

AAA T.L.C. Health Care has over 15 years of experience providing personalized assistance and care for patients. AAA T.L.C. Health Care employs over 5,000 qualified nurses and caregivers.  The experienced staff always chooses a caregiver who can best manage the patient's medical condition. However, AAA T.L.C Health Care takes this process a step further and matches the patient's personality, needs, and interests with that of the caregiver's.

Elderly men and women who live alone do not to give up their independence even if they require in-home care. AAA T.L.C.’s care providers act more as a companion, helping their patients with their daily activities. AAA T.L.C Health Care offers a wide range of in-home care services for all ages – newborns to seniors. Caregivers’ responsibilities range from medical procedures and exercise therapy, to light housekeeping, preparing meals and driving patients to appointments. AAA T.L.C caregivers always take into consideration the needs of their patient’s family and pets as well as provide companionship and friendship for patients who live alone.

To find an in-home care provider with expert knowledge and a truly caring attitude, visit www.aaatlc.com.

About AAA T.L.C Health Care
AAA T.L.C. Health Care is one of the most respected home care agencies and registries in the industry, providing highly skilled and trained: RNs, LVNs & CNAs Aides, companions, drivers and sitters, at home and in hospital. Our goal is to provide “Absolutely Always Amazing Tender Loving Care.” When you or your loved one needs assistance at home or in the hospital, AAA T.L.C. have over 5,000 qualified and experienced nurses and caregivers available.

AAA T.L.C. Health Care Allows Families to Enjoy Peace of Mind

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