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Eating Well Is Now Easy and Fun With Portion Control Dinnerware

Health and Fitness

(Free Press Release) Precise Portions Website Official Launch Is on June 1st Accompanied by a Topical Twitter Chat #eatprecise

Eating Well Is Now Easy and Fun With Portion Control Dinnerware


Richmond, VA (distribution Channel) 28th May 2011 – It’s shocking that over 68% of Americans over 20 years are overweight or obese. Poor education about what a healthy diet is and unlimited fast food opportunities create the prerequisite for spreading the problem. Nowadays someone being overweight doesn’t make it to the news but a celebrity losing weight does make breaking news – how sad is that?!

Precise Portions is a revolutionary set of dinnerware – plates, bowls and glasses, which take the guess work out of eating well and being healthy. No more counting calories, no more wondering what is the right amount to put on your plate – just follow the lines. The dinnerware has a beautiful vine-like design to show the lines and is made of microwave friendly porcelain!

Visit the Precise Portions official website now at www.preciseportions.com and start changing your life today!

“Eating well is more than what you eat- it's also about how much you eat”, says Ann-Marie Stephens, President and Co-Founder of Precise Portions. “In recent years, "super size" has become the norm and we've simply lost the ability to judge what a "right" sized portion looks like”, she adds. With Precise Portions dinnerware the whole family can start eating well right away – the right amount of the right foods in the right proportion.

If you buy a Precise Portions dinnerware set, you will receive a complimentary portion control guide and instructions as well as a Quick Start Healthy Eating Guide and specially designed placemats which double as a daily meal planner & worksheet.

“Precise Portions is the 1st dietitian-designed, porcelain portion control dinnerware system”, continues Ann-Marie Stephens, “and it is life-changing for everyone who is trying to manage their weight.” The Precise Portions website provides everyone with helpful resources about healthy diet, food times, diet plans, nutrition facts and more.

Join Precise Portions in their first topical twitter chat #eatprecise to learn more about healthy eating, portion control, suitable diet and changing your lifestyle for real!

Don’t forget to join the community of their followers on Facebook & Twitter. Make sure you also subscribe to the Precise Portions’ channel on YouTube!

About Precise Portions Precise Portions is the 1st dietitian-designed porcelain portion control dinnerware system. It eliminates guesswork out of weight management and eating well. The set consists of plates, bowls and glasses made of microwave friendly porcelain. Their beautiful design makes it a pleasure for you and your guests to eat healthy and with style. A FOCUS plate helps you learn to follow the lines and a complimentary Quick Start Healthy Eating Guide along with a specially designed placemat give you the perfect daily meal planner and worksheet. For details, visit www.preciseportions.com or call 866.591.3438 (DIET)

Media Contact Ann-Marie Stephens, President Precise Portions, LLC. phone: 866.591.3438 (DIET) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it www.preciseportions.com

Eating Well Is Now Easy and Fun With Portion Control Dinnerware

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