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“Mind techniques should be taught at school” says Melbourne Hypnotherapist

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(Free Press Release) Melbourne hypnotherapist Sonia Devine explains how paying attention to your thoughts can improve the quality of your life.

“Mind techniques should be taught at school” says Melbourne Hypnotherapist


Melbourne hypnotherapist Sonia Devine has been working with people from all walks of life since 2003. She strongly believes that the reason why we have so much unhappiness in the world is because people just don’t know how to use their minds productively. So how DO we use our minds to get what we want in life?

According to Sonia, it’s not quite as simple as the worldwide phenomenon ‘The Secret’ would have you believe. “Yes it IS true that what you focus on is what you get. For example, if you want to be wealthy but you spend 95% of your day saying ‘I’m sick or being poor’, then it is very unlikely that you will become wealthy, because you’re spending most of your time focusing on what you DO NOT want. Having said that, the law of attraction is not just about making a wish and then expecting what you want to fall into your lap. You have to work at it”.

Sonia says there are two sides to the coin. “It’s okay to want things. We all have desires. But the key is to let it be okay if you don’t get it. When we become attached to the outcome, we very quickly get frustrated if the object of our desire doesn’t appear in the way and in the time we expected. Frustration, anger, impatience and disappointment attract more of the same, and you end up focusing not on what you want, but the lack of it”.

The second, most important part of the equation, says Sonia, is your core belief systems. If you have a set of beliefs that are centred on not having enough or not being worthy then no matter how much you try, these beliefs will block you from attracting what you want into your life. Your subconscious belief systems are shaped and reinforced by your inner self-talk. Everything you say to or about yourself either creates a new belief or re-affirms an existing one. Once you have a set of belief systems, your subconscious mind brings into your direct awareness everything that supports your beliefs to the exclusion of everything else

So it makes sense that knowing this information, we would want to start to develop some beliefs that get us more of what we want and less of what we don’t want. But how do we do this? It starts with self-awareness. In order to release your negative beliefs, you must first know what they are. A qualified hypnotherapist can help you to do recognise your blocks and take steps to eliminate them.

Melbourne hypnotherapist Sonia Devine believes that our minds are so important in shaping our lives that we should be taught how to use it from a very young age. She believes children as young as the age of 6 can learn how to use their minds to create positive outcomes and to cultivate beliefs that will helps them greatly later in life.

Sonia Devine is one of Australia's leading experts in mind techniques and hypnotherapy. Want to learn more about how to become calmer, feel better about yourself and live a life of purpose? Claim your FREE Hypnosis Download here =>  Melbourne hypnotherapist

“Mind techniques should be taught at school” says Melbourne Hypnotherapist

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