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Companio Revolutionizes Pain Relief Therapy Of TENS And EMS In Persuasive Products

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(Free Press Release) The wonder of the world exists in its nature and with more discoveries in Science Centuries ago a civilization discovered the Electrical impulses in fish and used that electrical stimulation for treating pain and joint disease like gout. Now these days our science and technologies are so advance that we are looking forward to the drug-free pain treatment therapies through TENS and EMS techniques

Companio Revolutionizes Pain Relief Therapy Of TENS And EMS In Persuasive Products


Low Voltage Current an Alternative Medicine For Pain Relief


Later in 18th century more experiments were done on animals and it was discovered that it was possible to manipulate the muscles in the body and muscle contractions can be controlled through gentle low-voltage Electrical Current. This therapeutic method gained more popularity in the 20th century and this global concept then was adopted by many companies which were traditionally limited. After continuous evolution, these therapies are today known as EMS (Electrical Muscle Simulation) and moreover, a new therapy was developed which is popularly known TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation).

When a discomfort is experienced by humans, they wholeheartedly try to develop a solution to beat those hardships. This happens only when a purpose is identified. And when foot ailments increased with changing lifestyle, Camex Wellness also recognized their objective to make the world a pain-free place and established Companio brand. Companio uses the modern day TENS and EMS technology which are 12 times more effective in healing painful musculoskeletal and rheumatic disorders than traditional methods of healing.

TENS therapy is power-packed with ACUpulse technology in Foot Pulse ACU, a Companio product taking two-fold actions. One, it stops the pain messages sent to the brain that reduces pain instantly. Second, it stimulates the body to release natural painkilling hormones called as Endorphins. TENS is called as a non-pharmacologic treatment used for chronic pain. Both peripheral and central mechanisms contribute to generating pain when a nerve is damaged or inflammation is caused. TENS reduces pain through both these mechanisms, travels along nerve fibers. TENS can be applied to the area of the pain by placing electrodes at a pressure point to direct electrical impulses along the nerve fibers. TENS can be applied to the area of the pain. It is the application of electrical current which passes through electrodes on the skin and controls pain. The intensity of frequencies can be controlled in TENS unit as per the severity of the pain.

The other method, Electrical muscle stimulation helps in strengthening weak muscles and one of them is Antigravity muscles. Antigravity muscles are mainly located in hands, legs, feet internal organs and back and help in maintaining an upright and balanced posture. The role of Antigravity muscles is to prevent the body shape and support the movement. EMS therapy accelerates the learning process of muscles to recruit muscle contraction rates. In common terms, EMS treatment increases blood circulation, relax muscles spasms, re-educates muscles, manage the body movement, helps in diabetic neuropathy, increase in athletic performance of sportsperson and more. EMS is used as a part of the training for athletes. It exactly doesn’t replace the traditional training methods but has many advantages. These advantages include enhancement of maximum strength, as a therapeutic modality to enhance recovery from injury or pain or as muscle recruitment and rehabilitation tool. EMS therapy is adopted by Companio in its product Foot Pulse EXO.

Difference Between TENS Therapy & EMS Therapy

The main difference between TENS and EMS is that TENS stimulates the nerves, whereas EMS contracts the muscles. But both are powerfully helpful in curing painful musculoskeletal and rheumatic diseases. Musculoskeletal and Rheumatic diseases are caused because of lifestyle, body strains, stress or a result of injury or pain in the musculoskeletal parts of the body like joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, limb, neck and body’s back support system and soft tissues. These diseases affect all ages, genders, although women are said to have affected more than men. Well-known joint pain Arthritis is a part of the rheumatic disease.


TENS and EMS are considered as revolutions in the therapy industry to get relief from various body pains. Companio brand has adopted both the global concepts in their products to make it available for all sections of society and use it in the homely or professional environment for getting maximum relief from painful conditions. Both Foot Pulse ACU/EXO are easy to carry products and can be used while a person is relaxing in his or her chair. Both Companio products are widely used today and are recommended by doctors across India.

We have been using companion Foot pulse ACU at our clinics since past few months. We have tried on many incoming patients and have seen good results in diabetic neuropathy symptoms like burning sensation, tingling, numbness of feet, it help to reduce the foot complication frequently found in diabetics

By: Dr. Banshi Saboo ( MD Diabetologist and Endocrinologist Ahmedabad)

The demand for these pain-easing products has now helped in building a network across India with 75 stores in 2 years and many more will be opened soon.



Companio Revolutionizes Pain Relief Therapy Of TENS And EMS In Persuasive Products

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