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Holistic Private Practice Uses Magnets to Release Depression

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(Free Press Release) Depression is often accompanied by negative emotions, which when trapped in the body, causes the formation of blockages.

Holistic Private Practice Uses Magnets to Release Depression


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UrbanMind, a holistic private practice in Singapore, provides the best treatment for depression by combining Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the science of positive thought intention with physics of magnet.

In TCM, the human body is believed to be made of pure energy referred to as Qi or Chi. It normally flows freely across different parts of the body but in a depressive person, the flow is obstructed by blockages.

Depression is often accompanied by negative emotions, which when trapped in the body, causes formation of blockages. With a restricted energy flow, the body’s ability to naturally heal itself is impaired and tissues fail to function properly. This results to a number of physical illnesses such as chronic pain, migraines and organ failure.

While conventional medicine can successfully address symptoms, it is not capable of targeting depression’s root cause. “... anyone who has battled the disorder knows that medication does not always help. Not to mention, most medications are fraught with side effects. “Psychotherapy can also be helpful, but again, does not work for everyone,” UrbanMind states in its website.

To remove blockages, the centre employs an energy healing technique which involves swiping a Japanese magnet over a person’s governing meridian. A session starts with kinesiology or muscle testing to identify and locate trapped emotions. No medication or medical equipment is used. The practitioner only asks direct and simple questions answerable by yes or no.

After identifying trapped emotions and their locations, the sufferer is asked to sit comfortably, fully-clothed. The practitioner then places a Japanese magnet on the space between the eyebrows and in a simple swiping motion, moves it over the head down to the bottom of the spine. A session at UrbanMind lasts for 30 minutes and is performed by its founder Vikki Tear, a certified Emotion Code practitioner.

“Most people say The Emotion Code helps them to feel lighter, happier and more at ease with themselves. Apart from that, we frequently see the immediate disappearance of health and major emotional issues too,” says UrbanMind. “Your results depend on how many trapped emotions you have and how quickly your body responds after they are removed.”

The best treatment for depression offered by UrbanMind is an alternative and complementary modality for individuals who exhibit the following signs for two weeks or longer: depressed mood, lack of energy, irritability, anxiety, withdrawal from friends and family, inability to concentrate, significant weight loss or gain, sleep issues, feelings of guilt, self-doubt, pessimism, indifference, suicidal thoughts or inexplicable physical pain.

Sessions are conducted in a “non-judgmental and confidential environment.” In talking with clients, Tear only uses uplifting language to build up feelings of relaxation and comfort. She also uses the same language in positive thought intention, which instills positive energy into a depressive person’s body.

Individuals with depression can avail of a one-time free consultation at UrbanMind. To book an appointment, the centre can be reached online or by phone at +65 8816 6077. In-person sessions are held at Central of Singapore, while online sessions are done over Zoom or Skype.

Holistic Private Practice Uses Magnets to Release Depression

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