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Every Nintendo Gamer Should Install an R4i Card


(Free Press Release) There are two types of Nintendo gamers: the hobbyists and the power users. For the hobbyists, they use their gaming console for entertainment and as a way of fighting stress.

Every Nintendo Gamer Should Install an R4i Card


There are two types of Nintendo gamers: the hobbyists and the power users. For the hobbyists, they use their gaming console for entertainment and as a way of fighting stress. Power users on the other hand consider gaming as their second career. However, both types of gamers share similar needs. They have to install an R4 card in their Nintendo consoles. The latest versions of R4i cards can quickly enhance the usefulness and power of the Nintendo DS gaming console. These cards are the most essential accessories that every gamer should have.


The R4 card is originally designed to expand the storage capacity of your Nintendo console. You are probably aware that your NDS normally has limited memory and storage. Without an expansion card, you will be forced to delete games and other saved settings once you reach the maximum storage limit. Worse, you will not be able to download new games if your console has limited memory. To be able to get a new game, you have to delete some files in your Nintendo console. You can avoid these hassles if you install an R4i gaming card. You do not have to delete a saved game anymore because the card can substantially expand the storage capacity of your Nintendo.


As a brief overview, the R4i card makes it possible for you to use SD memory cards. You can choose to install a memory card with 2 GB storage capacity or up to 32 GB capacity. For recreational gamers, hobbyists, children, and ordinary users, the 2 GB expansion would be enough. Two gigabytes will enable you to save more games. For power users, the two gigabytes bundle may not be the best option. They can opt for an R4 expansion card with bundled 32 GB SD card memory. If you have this kind of card, you can substantially increase the power of your Nintendo console. You can download hundreds of games, save more music files, and store dozens of movies. In fact, the memory card of your Nintendo can store other media files. By installing a gaming card, your Nintendo can become a complete entertainment center.


When buying an R4 card, you have to keep in mind that some versions may not be compatible with the latest Nintendo console. For example, the R4i card can work flawlessly with the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL. But some compatibility issues may arise if you use this card for the older NDS and DS Lite. The best thing to do is to buy your card from a reliable online vendor. The best vendor can give you a complete range of different gaming cards. You can seek help from the technical services of the vendor to determine which card is best for your Nintendo console.


More importantly, the right vendor provides free software for the gaming card. So you do not have to search and download for compatible software. Just get it from the website of the vendor. Everything you need and require could be provided by a reliable Nintendo DS card vendor.

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Every Nintendo Gamer Should Install an R4i Card

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