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Choosing the Right R4 Card for Your Nintendo Console


(Free Press Release) Not sure which type of Nintendo card to buy? Because there are different versions of R4 cards, it could be quite confusing to choose which one would be suitable for your console.

Choosing the Right R4 Card for Your Nintendo Console


Not sure which type of Nintendo card to buy? Because there are different versions of R4 cards, it could be quite confusing to choose which one would be suitable for your console. Remember that these cards perform similar functions. They can be used to greatly expand the storage capacity of your console. This way, you can save more games, music, and movie files. However, apart from the standard cards, there are new versions available today such as the R4i card. If you choose an incorrect version, your card might not work properly. So here are some simple guidelines that you need to keep in mind when buying a compatible card for your Nintendo.


If you have the latest 3DS Nintendo console, then you have to buy an R4i 3DS card. This is specifically designed for the latest console. The best thing about the latest SDHC 3DS card is that it is completely compatible with the latest release of Nintendo firmware. This type of card could be a bit more expensive but you will get good value from it. That is because it is also compatible with other Nintendo consoles such as the DS Lite, DSi, and the DSi XL. For beginners, the best package should be the 4 GB bundle with micro SD. It should be enough to expand the gaming and entertainment value of your console. For power users and those who intend to store more movie files, then a bundle with higher storage capacity is recommended.


If you have the DSi or the DSi XL Nintendo console, you might want to consider buying the SDHC R4i card that is compatible with firmware version 1.4.1. This is a perfect match for your DSi and DSi XL. Again, the recommended bundle should be 4 GB with micro SD so that you can enjoy more storage capacity at a cheaper price. Additionally, this type of R4 card is compatible with versions 1.4.1E and 1.4E. In fact, you will never encounter any compatibility problem with this card as long as you have a DSi console. Just remember to ask the dealer or vendor if the card would be suitable for the firmware you have in your Nintendo console.


There are still many people who own the older versions of Nintendo consoles that include the DS unit and DS Lite model. If you are still using these versions, then the most economical option is to buy the standard R4 card. In the past, the new card versions will not work on Nintendo DS and DS Lite. This has changed however because you can now equip your NDS with an R4i card. It is now capable of supporting older Nintendo software. So you have two options if you still have the older Nintendo console. You can choose to get the standard R4 which is ideal if you have limited budget. But if you want to get more storage capacity of up to 32 GB, the R4i is a good choice although it is obviously more expensive.

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Choosing the Right R4 Card for Your Nintendo Console

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