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Cool Nintendo Games to Download on Your R4 Card


(Free Press Release) Having an R4 or an R4i card can be the most awesome thing that ever happened to your Nintendo DS.

Cool Nintendo Games to Download on Your R4 Card


Having an R4 or an R4i card can be the most awesome thing that ever happened to your Nintendo DS. Owning one means you are able to download more than your fair share of games without having to delete them. While Nintendo games are usually small in size, you would still want to get the best ones and save them on your card. Here is a smattering of the best ones that will guarantee hours of fun play and deserve their rightful place in your save card.


One of the best games to save in your R4 card is the game Brain Age. This game, developed by the Japanese, has the objective of stimulating your mind in small chunks of time. While the games are not clinically proven to really say that they can augment your brain capacity, it deserves a space in your R4i card because these are great in waking up your brain by making it work extra hard for a couple of minutes by solving a variety of computational and visual-spatial activities. If you feel a bit sleepy in the middle of writing a term paper, play some Brain Age.


Another fun and “extended” game is the classic game of Super Mario Brothers. With over eight worlds to play in, fun can go on for a couple of months and will surely deserve a place in your R4 card. Super Mario has so many versions and the one for the Nintendo DS using an R4i card does not disappoint. It is always nice to jump into holes, shoot fireballs with your hands and finally beat King Koopa at the end. If you have already played Super Mario in your younger years it’s nice to reminisce on it now. If you are young, then you will love learning about this.


And of course, the little ones will also have some space allocation on your R4 card with cutesy games that are simple to play but fun and comes with a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. The game Tamagotchi Connection is one great example of this. With uber cute graphics, charming sound effects and simple games that go from designing cakes to beautifying other Tamagotchi characters, kids and the young at heart will definitely love to play this game every now and then. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself reaching out for this game as well.


These games are just a few of the really nice games you can store in your R4i card for the Nintendo DS. The beauty about the R4i card is that it does not cost a lot and there is just so much that you can store in it. When you have one of these, you will be able to appreciate the capabilities of the Nintendo DS and other consoles that will also require the use of this kind of card. So what are you still waiting for? Isn’t this your cue to drop everything and drive off to the nearest electronic store and get an R4i card for yourself?

Lucky enough to score an R4i card? Here are some cool and lasting games deserving of a place in your R4 card.
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Cool Nintendo Games to Download on Your R4 Card

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