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Rhino Human Resources (IFHR) – Big Board Bound and Reverse Merger Ready

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(Free Press Release) When xtremepicks comes out with alerts they don’t disappoint! They hit the bull’s-eye with DROP’s monster reverse merger breakout well before the market discovered it. They alerted IFHR that this is another potential reverse merger play on October 2011.

Rhino Human Resources (IFHR) – Big Board Bound and Reverse Merger Ready


Belize City, Belize, February 22, 2012 -- Publishers of daily newsletter xtremepicks.com (http://www.xtremepicks.com) looks at Rhino Human Resources (IFHR):

Members who know xtremepicks know that they feature them for weeks and not just one or two days. Xtremepicks will continue to feature IFHR throughout their uplisting and reverse merger deal just as they continue to feature Fuse Science (DROP).

Key statement from the company PR released today,

“Rhino is now nearing the completion of preparing the 2011 Annual disclosure bringing the company current once and for all before the end of the month if all goes as planned.

With the financial disclosures current, the company’s next goal is to have those financials audited almost immediately so that they will be in compliance with the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and therefore fully reporting by the time they have worked out the details of a merger with a reputable and economically sound candidate.”

IFHR just filed their 2011 Annual disclosure statements in Audited Financial style submission (http://www.otcmarkets.com/financialReportViewer?symbol=IFHR&id=73030) and as stated in their press released they will be ready to move forward once these Annual financials statements are complete – the first step in moving to the big boards and announcing their Reverse Merger Candidate.

Today, IFHR just released a solid update confirming thier position to move forward with complete audited statement for uplisting and reverse merger deal, “Rhino Human Resources, Inc., Holbrook, New York, today announced that the company has filed its 2011 annual disclosure, bringing the company current and ready for its auditor to do what’s needed to earn fully reporting status with the Security Exchange Commission’s (SEC). Earlier in last year, the company laid out a plan to clean up the entity for merger with a suitable merger candidate. In order to maximize shareholder value….”

Uplisting to the big boards is a definite indication of adding a not just a regular company but a monster Reverse Merger Candidate! Additionally, with the filing of their report on Friday, the company is expect to released their Reverse Merger candidate and we expect it as early as this week. This move can certainly breakout prices to record and ‘blue sky’ territories. Members jumping in IFHR quick, like those who jumped in on xtremepicks DROP alert, can stand to gain some serious gains when the company officilly released their Reverse Merger deal.

IFHR chart is set up perfectly and similar to DROP’s chart just before the monster breakout to $0.75 on xtremepicks alert and an initial 50,000% gains. IFHR closed at $0.06 – trading at rock bottom prices, there is plently of room in the chart for a HUGE breakout to monster gains!

About IFHR

IFHR has been identified as a reverse merger candidate and preparing Audited financial statements for uplisting.
Extremely small float and outstanding – only 8.8M float!
No Dilution
Reverse Merger imminent as communicated by recent Press Release
Annual Filings posted to otcmarkets.com in Audit Financial Style in preparation for uplisting.

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Max Gordon
Belize City, Belize
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Rhino Human Resources (IFHR) – Big Board Bound and Reverse Merger Ready

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