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Investment Banking - Key Conference Held in Kuala Lumpur

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(Free Press Release) In this conference, there were many senior, famous and renowned people like Shawn Baldwin, Steve Forbes and many more people. This conference was held in Kuala Lumpur which is the capital of Malaysia.

Investment Banking - Key Conference Held in Kuala Lumpur


In this conference, there were many senior, famous and renowned people like Shawn Baldwin, Steve Forbes and many more people. This conference was held in Kuala Lumpur which is the capital of Malaysia. The agenda of this meeting or conference was Mr. Shawn want to redefine the term investment banking. In other words we can say that he want to define a new goal or purpose of investment banking. If in any country there is recession then the job opportunities also decline simultaneously. On the other hand if there is no recession in any country then the job vacancies are more. Every country wants growth. For example as we all are aware that America is a most powerful country.

There is a key term which is used in investment banking and the name of the term is value creation. Basically people used to say that value creation and valuation are same. But there is a difference between these two terms. The meaning of these two terms is mentioned below. Value creation is the recital or performance of events or actions that amplify or boost or enlarge on increase the worth of goods, services or even a business. Today many business operators now focus on value creation both in the circumstance or situation of creating better value for customers purchasing its products and services. It is also very helpful for shareholders in the business who wants to see their wager.

Valuation is the procedure or process of estimating worth of any goods. Shawn Baldwin always believes in live examples. He always used to code the live examples regarding the economy of countries. We have seen MBA’s love to give example from different books. In any conference if you are carrying data then nobody can challenge you because it is proof and original document. Steve Baldwin has met Steve Forbes many times. He is very thankful to Forbes that he has given the opportunity to write for them.

There is a difference between product and services also. Products are tangible and services are intangible. The meaning of tangible is we can see and we can touch also. Now let’s discuss about Shawn Baldwin. What is his profession? He is the owner of his company. He is chairman of his company. He is CMD which stands for chairman and executive director. The name of his company is CMG. The full form of CMG is capital management group. It is basically a research firm and he is investment advisor. He provides three major, key or important services. They are advisory, trading and investment banking services to many countries and institutions.

Today in every profession there are many consultants. For example if a person is sitting in Australia and he wants to export goods to America. That person does not have information of local market, so what he can do. The best option is visit import and export consultant or yellow pages website for that country. But the best option is capital management group. They can provide many services under one roof or crown.


Investment Banking - Key Conference Held in Kuala Lumpur

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