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IPEC 2013 - International Professional Educational Conference,Kerala, India

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(Free Press Release) International Professional Educational Conference, IPEC 2013 is an innovative research oriented and permanent educational program, that stands on knowledge fusion. IPEC is scheduled to be held from December 1-2 at Vythiri Village, Wayanad, Kerala, India. The Conference manages to put together professionals from varied fields like Tourism, Information Technology, healthcare, education, and entertainment under one roof. They provide continuous case studies and presentations for community enhancement and global socio-economic empowerment. At IPEC 2013, you will be instilled with Knowledge from diverse national and global resources, which will help restore your approach towards acquaintance. For registration and more visit http://www.ipec2013.com

IPEC 2013 - International Professional Educational Conference,Kerala, India


(NewPressRelease.com)     IPEC 2013, the International Professional Educational Conference is the ground-breaking research oriented and incessant educational programme that stands on knowledge fusion, to be held from December 1-2 at Vythiri Village, Wayanad, Kerala, India.

IPEC 2013 is a decadal educational program, sponsored by veterans from media and airline that brings professionals from assorted areas under one roof. Conference endeavors knowledge seekers, students, artists, entrepreneurs, trade fraternity’s tourists and media persons round the globe. IPEC 2013 coalesce delegates from tourism, IT, healthcare, education, and entertainment to present permanent case studies and presentations for a time and distance based application that supports global community enhancement.

IPEC desires to honor go-getters from a variety of fields letting near generations to exploit their knowledge and success stories. As a part of IPEC 2013, successful professionals, artists and entrepreneurs from diverse fields are chosen for presenting the ‘IPEC Achievers Award’. A new website, Achievers Biography, highlighting the accomplishment and success runs of thriving personalities, will be uncovered during IPEC 2013.

The chief intention of IPEC 2013 is to raise participants’ knowledge level and education by pulling up tourism as a means along with other sectors and to depart the same for socio-economic expansion and to build up new opportunities of investment, employment & marketing. IPEC intends to uphold unknown and known tourism destinations and products. It aims in creating warm cultural relationships and peace between countries.

IPEC will discuss a variety of topics which will be presented by celebrated scholars from diverse fields. international conference in kerala provides knowledge seekers a golden chance to hear from the legends of Tourism, Hospitality, Health, Education and Entertainment. IPEC put forward an ambo in meeting global achievers and celebrities. The keynote addresses at the conference are delivered by renowned personalities, including Mr. Vivek Nair, Vice Chairman and Managing Director at Hotel Leela Venture Limited, Dr. M. Abdul Salam, Ph.D. Vice-Chancellor, University of Calicut, Dr.Azad Moopan, Indian physician and a Developer of healthcare facilities in Dubai, Ms.Elizabath G Clark MA, MPH, Hospital Analyst, Dr.Harish Pillai MBBS, MHA, MBA CEO, Aster MedCity, Dr.Kunhali, Senior Consultant Cardiologist and Founder President of Kerala Heart Care Society, Dr.M.K Abdul Khader, Kannur University Vice Chancellor, Dr. MI Sahadulla, Chairman and Managing Director KIMS, Mr.Sameer Sherif, Founder and CEO of Impelsys Inc and Mr.Zamil Abdullah Al-Zamil, Chairman of Islamic bank.

This dazzling event is programmed to be held at Wayanad. Wayanad is the accepted pick because of its accessibility, prettiness and also because of its pleasant climate. Wayanad is a conventional hill station and one of districts placed in northern part of Kerala. It enthralls visitors with the dazzling splendor that opens up in its dense forest covers, mist clad mountain peaks and lush green plantations. Wayanad is well known for its adventure sports, making it a must-visit traveler spot for nature lovers and trekkers. Situated in Wayanad is a scenic village, Vythiri, the exclusive, refreshing and inspiring destination for activists. This verdant green land sprinkled with perennial flows and rolling hills has been chosen as the venue for IPEC 2013.

IPEC 2013 steps forward through the justification of quality techniques, debates, seminars, presentations and time based case studies that stand on the idea of knowledge fusion. In addition to this, there will be digital libraries, product exhibitions, workshops and custom-built sightseeing tours for participant's delight. IPEC conference put forward tourism as an activity based overhaul in which information and knowledge are the fundamental backings.

The concept of this conference is to produce a policy that discovers various stages of knowledge management such as knowledge acquisition, Knowledge retention, Knowledge creation, Knowledge storage, Knowledge transfer & knowledge to use- along with the management practices that aids it. IPEC 2013 covers Strategic management, structure and work processes, organizational culture, human resource policies, information system and communication, evaluation of results and interaction with the environment external to the organization by mixing with other fields like IT, Education etc.

IPEC organizing committee consists of reputed personalities, event management groups and volunteers. There is an option for media companies like Print, TV and Online, who are ready to involve in IPEC promotional activities must apply to become a Partner. They will be allowed to do the same only after getting approval from the IPEC organizing Committee.

The partakers are introduced to a pioneering concept of knowledge fusion where by knowledgeable and triumphant personalities from diverse trades like Tourism, Healthcare, IT, Education and Entertainment, share their knowledge and triumph that are learned and attained in phases. IPEC 2013 proffers a golden opportunity to its participants for combining an efficient conference trip with a holiday in Kerala, the most sought out tourism destinations among the world. At IPEC you'll get instilled with the abundant know-how of various national and international resources, that helps restore your whole stance and approach towards knowledge and environment. Don’t miss out your break to be a part of IPEC, the most stunning event to be held at Vythiri Village, Wayanad, Kerala, India. For registration and more visit http://www.ipec2013.com


IPEC 2013 - International Professional Educational Conference,Kerala, India

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