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Comic-Con 2012 - Antihero Film and Graphic Novel Release

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(Free Press Release) Antihero Film and Graphic Novel Now Available As A Free Smartphone and Tablet Prevision eBook Download

Comic-Con 2012 - Antihero Film and Graphic Novel Release


(NewPressRelease.com) July 14, 2012, San Diego, CA. The first of three epic, action/adventure feature films and graphic novels, antiHERO I, is being released at Comic-Con 2012 in two specially designed preVision eBooks:

Smartphone and Tablet Chapters: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7030CA766CAF9030

Laptop and Desktop Chapters: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL68679480D77145C0

The concept, as creator, writer and producer Michael Trachiotis explains, “. . . is to offer a graphic novel reading experience on the small screens of mobile devices. One solution was to make the eBook as a film so it plays as a video on any brand or operating system.”

The big challenge was to adapt the original 28 page “paper” book into the antiHERO story, crafting new art and dialog, then shrinking full pages and panels to fit miniature displays.

To accomplish this, Trachiotis built over 1,200 ‘frames’ and then created short animations, rack-focus and 3D effects, motion graphics and editing to “. . . get the antiHERO story right and set the pacing. You’re watching a movie, but reading a book,” says Trachiotis with a smile, “It’s really cool, actually.”

antiHERO I, set in 1906 San Francisco, is a complement to present-day action/superheroes whose armory, weaponry and otherworldly abilities often overshadow their character and purpose.

“He’s an anti-hero because he doesn’t possess any technology or special powers, doesn’t seek fame or fortune and isn’t trying to save the world. Instead,” reveals Trachiotis, “It’s antiHERO’s qualities that serve as courage, shield and blade . . . and his guilt that thrusts him on a personal, bloody hunt into the Barbary Coast alleys for his shanghaied sister.”

The unintended outcomes are 17 Hatchetmen in the morgue with their right arms hacked off by their own cleavers; he saves teens from sex slavery, makes sensational ink and meets a new girlfriend. Then, the “antiHERO” legend is born in a comic strip in the “Barbary Coast Interloper” newspaper.

antiEHRO I matches, if not surpasses, the opulence and velocity of today’s tent-pole films, as his journey weaves through gory Tong hatchet battles, riveting firefighting sequences, an underground pirate city, suicidal rescues, opium dens, prostitution and political corruption.

Additionally, antiEHRO I is an exquisite recreation of the seedy metropolis, with stunning set pieces and panoramas of the before, during and after San Francisco shakes and sears to near obliteration including a white-knuckle ride on the 7,000 MPH rip that tears apart the city and edge-of-your-seat, pulse pounding climax.

Most importantly, at its core, antiHERO I is about a haunted man seeking justice and redemption.


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Contact:           Michael Trachiotis

Email:              This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Website:           www.youtube.com/Mtrachiotis

Phone:             415-577-1537

Comic-Con 2012 - Antihero Film and Graphic Novel Release

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