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Energy Efficient “Heated Helmet” Helps Prevent Winter Ice Dams in Gutters

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(Free Press Release) Cutting-Edge Product Offers Winter Relief for Homeowners

Energy Efficient “Heated Helmet” Helps Prevent Winter Ice Dams in Gutters


Boston, MA, March 05, 2012 -- Homeowners frustrated by winter ice dams on their roofs now have an energy efficient option that helps to prevent ice dams from forming in the first place. The “Heated Helmet” for gutters combines the industry-leading Gutter Helmet gutter guard with a self-regulating heated cable, melting snow that otherwise would build up and form ice in gutters and under roof shingles.

Each winter, homeowners can be found balancing themselves dangerously on ladders and rooftops, trying to shovel or rake piles of snow off their roofs. The pileup is frequently caused by ice dams, which can buckle gutters, damage roofs, and let water seep into attic spaces. By not allowing water in and around gutters to freeze, the Heated Helmet keeps water flowing properly through gutters so that it can't damage gutters or roofs.

The Heated Helmet is not only safer, it’s also more efficient. The heated cable adjusts to the outside temperature and is GFCI-protected, so it cannot overheat. In addition to helping prevent ice buildup without noticeable wiring, the Heated Helmet only provides heat when it is needed. This allows the system to be highly energy efficient.

Jim Moon, owner of Moonworks, a Rhode Island-based home improvement company that offers Heated Helmet, explains, "Icicles may look pretty, but many homeowners know firsthand how much they can damage gutters. Ice dams can cause water to seep under shingles and into attic spaces, resulting in expensive damage. The energy-efficient Heated Helmet helps prevent these problems and can usually be installed in one day."

Del Thebaud, owner of Maryland-based Gutter Helmet Systems, points out the safety advantages offered by the Heated Helmet. "In addition to damaging gutters and roofs and necessitating expensive repairs, ice dams can cause water to drip onto walkways and exterior stairs, and when this water re-freezes, serious safety hazards result,” he says. “The Heated Helmet protects both the house and the people who live there."

Ice dams have long been a problem in areas like the Northeast where treacherous winter weather is common. With the Heated Helmet system now available, homeowners can keep gutters flowing properly in harsh weather in an energy efficient manner, and avoid the difficult winter chore of manually cleaning ice buildup from gutters.

The Heated Helmet system is available through Moonworks (www.moonworkshome.com) in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. It is also available through Gutter Helmet Systems (www.harryhelmet.com) in Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, West Virginia, Ohio, and Washington, D.C.

About Gutter Helmet:
Gutter Helmet makes gutter guard systems that eliminate blockages, preventing damage to roofs, foundations, and siding, and conducting rainwater efficiently through the rain carrying system. Gutter Helmet products also improve your home and makes maintenance simpler because you will never clean your gutters again®.

Visit Gutter Helmet on the web at: http://www.gutterhelmet.com

John Hargrave
Gutter Helmet
Boston, MA
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Energy Efficient “Heated Helmet” Helps Prevent Winter Ice Dams in Gutters

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