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GIBS plans a ‘Digital World of HR’ Conference in association with GWFM Network Forum

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GIBS plans a ‘Digital World of HR’ Conference in association with GWFM Network Forum


Place: GIBS Business School

Date: 16th September 2017

Time: 10 AM

Businesses the world over are nowadays busy incorporating the digital world and this conference will focus on the Human Resources segment. Specialists would use case studies to highlight how the transformation can take place cost effective for business development. The purpose is to combine analytics with up to date digital tools to create smart employees. The proposed changes aim through three phases to inspire the future world of elevated production.

  • Formulate a digital business structure
  • Establish a digital HR plan
  • Sustain a digital workplace

The conference seeks answers to five issues:

Are companies ready for digital transformation particularly in HR? Have organizations made efforts to incorporate digital technology? Why do businesses hesitate about implementing digital technology? What problems do entities face in discarding legacy management software? What is the future of the HR management world?

While not many companies are ready to embrace digital technology yet, employees currently use technology widely. HR departments naturally interact with employees during the last 10-15 years through social media and email. The main impediment to the inconsistent digital transformation is the legacy management software system.  Companies are thus missing out on fabulous digital opportunities.

Compare offline documents on paper like financial transactions with the online system.  The digital means better and more accurate reports and transactions, analysis and data integrity. Yet the digital change will require a new infrastructure with tools and processes. While most companies are adopting new technology, it is restricted to certain niches alone.  It would be advisable to adopt a comprehensive digital strategy to cover all aspects of the company for maximum benefit.  The qualities needed are broad management awareness and an understanding of digital opportunities and their advantages.

Doubts about adopting digital technology are partly because of the new generation of youngsters who grew up in an online world. Conversely, the older generation now in management positions belonged to the fading offline world, resulting in clashing cultures. Gradually, we realize that the millennial generation will climb the corporate ladder, leading to a digital change in organizations.  The previous generation will require more of digital adaptation because of an offline background.

Adoption of digital technology may take just weeks as compared to management projects taking 12-18 months to change in the traditional past. Change is quicker nowadays with the digital.

The change from the legacy management software faces obstacles but willingness to adopt change will facilitate the path. Now that automation is about 25 years old, systems are layered over each other like a cake. Customized technologies and processes were piled over each other. Some processes are getting obsolete. While certain technologies are no longer useful, why don’t enterprises adopt a process of absolute simplification? Core processes need to be changed in the process of rewiring the company and giving up legacy systems will pave the way for digital systems. The new direction would result in fewer systems and faster processes.

HR management and the future

The future of HR management systems and their optimization has much to do with cloud technology. The cloud advantages are many like the speed of operations in transforming and releasing systems and prices easier on the pocket. Automation remains important as ever with the implementation of technology and the computation of issues being standardized. Uniformity of operation makes automation very convenient without exceptions.

Analytics plays an ever-increasing role in cloud storage that permits easy consumption and analysis. HR and Finance collaboration becomes easier. Blending together appears to be the way the future winds blow, particularly in large organizations. Combining departments and resources through the digital and cloud technology without borders would facilitate many easy functions for improved productivity. Software and outsourcing would come together quickly.

The complex conference agenda would be crucial and interesting for entities interested in competition, expansion and improved productivity. Students and staff of GIBS have much to look forward to.

GIBS plans a ‘Digital World of HR’ Conference in association with GWFM Network Forum

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