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Companies Finding Alternatives To Ecology Wrecking Plastic Bags


Written by Jason Tunick Monday, 07 May 2012 08:30

Across the globe today, more companies are coming to see that they stand to gain quite a lot by taking care of the Earth and this is largely due to the fact that consumers themselves are highly concerned with the effect of business on the planet

EnviroMajik presents Green Technology Products and Solutions for High Energy Bills


Written by Star One Public Relations Sunday, 06 May 2012 05:40

While not an immediate concern in some parts of the United States, it could be an indicator of what to expect in the future.

International Conference on Renewable Energy at Eternal University, Baru Sahib, HP on 5th & 6th May


Written by RPS Kohli Thursday, 03 May 2012 10:00

International Conference on Renewable Energy at Eternal University, Baru Sahib, Himachal Pradesh on 5th & 6th May 2012.

FRA supports Re-Emergence of Finnish Forestry


Written by Star One Public Relations Thursday, 03 May 2012 07:42

The Finnish forestry industry is on the up once more, according to FRA, whose outlook is backed by a new study.

My Climate Launches New Section Of Air Conditioning Maintenance


Written by James Michel Thursday, 03 May 2012 05:12

Be it the commercial varieties or the ones used at home, their efficient team can easily keep your air conditioning machine like as it was bought.

Sustainable Waste Management Solutions Just Got a Big Kick from Elephant’s Foot


Written by Jhon Ford Thursday, 08 March 2012 16:31

Designing sustainable waste management solutions is the core business of Elephant’s Foot Recycling Systems.

Battery recycling has become an important environmental practice


Written by mykesmith Thursday, 16 February 2012 14:09

Batteries are such commonplace items that we don’t even think for a second about them. But then, have you ever thought what you tend to do with a used battery?

Solar Light Seller Lazerpoint Exhorts People To Protect The Environment And Save Energy


Written by Johnson Gray Wednesday, 06 July 2011 03:26

Solar flashlight store Lazerpoint released a new line of solar and hand-crank flashlights to take the lead in protecting the environment and saving energy.

Estonia Timber Price Increase is Tip of the Iceberg, says FRA


Written by associate9 Monday, 04 July 2011 11:26

Forestry Research Associates (FRA) has said that timber prices in Estonia are soaring thanks to demand from a new power plant in the country.

VisiInc PLC Announces Open Inventor Integration into Vistime


Written by kalaimani Thursday, 30 June 2011 08:06

The Visi platform is the next evolution in visual communication, and is capable of delivering solutions in both the physical and virtual environment in 3D.

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