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Scope and Depth of Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore


(Free Press Release) “An effective company secretary, when it comes to legal dealings, acts as a connection between the outside world and the company. Such an individual relieves the management of the company from statutory compliance related responsibilities; frees it to concentrate on core activities of the business.” said Ms Meena, the business head of the SBS Consulting.

Scope and Depth of Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore


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According to Singapore law, each new company must appoint at least a company secretary within 6 months from its registration. It is required by the law that the appointed individual must be a Singapore citizen, permanent resident, or, foreigner possessing an Employment Pass or Dependent’s Pass. Some of the Singapore companies find it useful to hire a corporate secretarial service to act for them.

Company Secretarial Services Singapore

“The primary responsibility of a company secretary is to manage on-going statutory compliance matters. SBS Consulting is fully equipped to act as a nominee company secretary for its Singapore clients,” said SBS Consulting, one of the prominent corporate secretary services.

Hiring a company secretary Singapore is relatively easy for private companies, as any qualified Singapore permanent resident can act for them, in this capacity. Public companies need to be more careful. They can only hire professionals with a proven track record and necessary experience to discharge the functions of a company secretary. The individual must have worked as a company secretary for 2 years out of the last five years.

Corporate Secretarial Services Singapore as Nominee Company Secretary

Singapore company secretarial services acting in nominee capacity take care of the following functions:

Board Meeting

Arranging a board meeting, communicating meeting date to board members, finalizing an agenda for the meeting, taking and certifying copies of minutes of the meeting are part of duty of a company secretary.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Preparing and arranging an AGM. Notifying the shareholders and the board of directors. Taking minutes of the meeting, and seeing to it that all the proper procedures are followed.

General Compliance

Maintain strict compliance of all the legal requirements, especially, those covered by the Company Act of Singapore.

Upholding Company Constitution

Keeping an eye on the processes followed in the company and making sure that the company constitution is diligently followed. Using proper procedures while drafting and incorporating any changes in it.

Statutory Registers and Books

  • Share register
  • Company records
  • Accounting records
  • Register of charges created by the company, Companies
  • Statutory Returns

Changes in Officers

If there is any change in the officers of the company or in the company, it must be conveyed to the Registrar of the Company.

Annual Reports

A company secretary is also responsible for arranging, in consultation of companies advisors, for the publication and distribution of company’s annual reports and accounts. Taking proper care while arranging the preparation and publication of Director’s Report.

Company Shares

One of the major tasks is of dealing with the shareholders, handling their queries and overseeing transfer of shares, payment of dividends and interest.

Acquisitions and Disposals

A company secretary needs to take part in corporate acquisitions and disposal activities. These activities need proper documentation to protect company’s interest and rights. Doing so helps enormously in taking the transaction to its proper end.

Corporate Governance

Informing and advising the directors of company with their duties and responsibilities, in addition to, keeping track of changes in the corporate governance. Assist the directors with the compliance with respect to their personal obligations under company law.

“Nowadays, companies want to outsource all the non-core business activities to the third-party providers. Singapore corporate secretarial services, like SBS Consulting, help them in doing so. The rates charged for these services are competent and economical,” said a veteran at SBS Consulting.

About SBS Consulting:

SBS Consulting is a trusted name in Singapore for its timely and effective company secretary services (http://www.sbsgroup.com.sg/singapore-corporate-secretarial-service/ ). The firm has proven track record in providing services in company registration, accounting, taxation, auditing, Company Secretary and payroll management. SBS Consulting also assists with the immigration work visas and passes related work. Its clients range from small businesses to big businesses.


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Scope and Depth of Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore

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