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Engineering Recruitment - The Future Looks Bright in the UK


(Free Press Release) Recent figures have revealed that the number of young people choosing to enrol in engineering courses has increased - a welcome surprise for some institutions which feared that sharp falls.

Engineering Recruitment - The Future Looks Bright in the UK


Blackburn, Lancashire, United Kingdom., January 31, 2014 -- Recent figures have revealed that the number of young people choosing to enrol in engineering courses has increased - a welcome surprise for some institutions which feared that sharp falls in recruitment last year might have meant dwindling numbers of those committing to study engineering-related subjects at degree level, which could in turn have the knock-on effect of some departments having no choice but to close.

Levels of interest from both non-EU and UK-based undergraduates has risen, which is good news for engineering recruitment firms after a dramatic dip in demand between 2012-13, according to data published at a recent conference held by the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Experts believe that this renewed interest for jobs in engineering may lie with Britain’s potential for shale gas extraction, or fracking. In Lancashire alone, an estimated 50,000 jobs could be created if preliminary tests prove safe and effective, creating a huge demand for engineers. With further sites earmarked across the south-east and north-west of England, central Wales and northern Scotland, the sheer scope and magnitude of such projects will call for whole new generation of engineers – a welcome recovery for many of the UK’s educational institutions, as increasing numbers of students begin to enrol in engineering courses with good employment prospects post-graduation.

The controversial decision of the coalition government to raise tuition fees to at least £9,000 per year is thought to have had a negative effect on the level of students enrolling on engineering courses, although the renewed demand for qualified engineers seems to have convinced more young people to look for opportunities in engineering and manufacturing. This year’s numbers are on a par with enrolment levels in 2011, although a further increase is to be expected in the forthcoming academic year.

This is all good news for engineering recruitment companies, also. Mark Wiggan, the Managing Director for M65 Recruitment, one of east-Lancashire’s leading independent recruitment agencies, maintains a positive and healthy outlook on the future of engineering in the UK, stating “what we have is an excellent opportunity to start building local economies. We’ve already seen an upturn in the number of applications we receive, and as a recruiter we expect to be inundated with even more applications from talented engineers of all disciplines within the next year or so – it’s a positive sign that the UK's engineering industry is witnessing the green shoots of growth, and it’s a sector likely to experience exponential growth in the immediate years to follow.”

To find out more about Mark Wiggan and M65 recruitment visit their website @ http://www.m65recruitment.co.uk
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Engineering Recruitment - The Future Looks Bright in the UK

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