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Recruitment Training: Centred Excellence Launch Their New Coaching Packages


(Free Press Release) Perusing Centred Excellence's expansive website, it becomes clear that the company knows only too well the challenges that modern recruitment companies face every day, when it comes to delivering training for their own recruiters and managers. Established by successful entrepreneur and businesswoman Nicky Coffin, Centred Excellence work with recruitment agencies who want to improve their performance, and do so by offering a number of coaching programmes suitable for all members of the team.

Recruitment Training: Centred Excellence Launch Their New Coaching Packages


Edinburgh, UK, March 09, 2012 -- Over the years Centred Excellence has helped numerous recruitment professionals in the recruitment sector further their careers. Nicky utilises a unique combination of techniques which range from Neuro-Linguistic programming to personalised performance coaching. Now, using that experience and knowledge, Nicky Coffin is proud to announce the launch of a number of exciting new coaching packages – each designed to fulfil personal growth in all areas of recruitment training, with the eventual goal being an impressive increase in company sales.

The results which performance coaching can yield have been proven. Grounded on the belief that we all possess the potential to make our own success, performance coaching is the art of taking these raw qualities and affecting them with tools which shape them into positive action and solid results. And the effect of this shaping is plain to see – it can be so diverse that the options are almost unlimited when it comes to what can be achieved from this personalised style of coaching. Indeed, CE works with recruitment company managers and directors to create a bespoke formula that delivers a working atmosphere where the individual qualities of all recruiters can shine.

Performance coaching begins with a diagnosis of the issues which need to be addressed. This information remains confidential and strictly between the coach and the client. The coach is then able to construct strategies unique to each individual, aiding in renewed confidence, better insight into problem-solving and a noticeable increase in motivation. Having distilled the very best approach to performance coaching, and using Nicky's valuable experience from a wide range of recruitment experience, CE proudly announce three new coaching packages for all recruitment training businesses – Silver Fast Track, Gold Fast Track and VIP Platinum coaching. Each coaching package is perfectly tailored to different people with their own aspirations and requirements. The Silver Fast Track is ideal for recruiters who feel de-motivated or wish to fast-track their career to a brighter future, while the Gold course is suited to established senior recruiters, managers or directors who already possess a number of skills and wish to build upon them.

Prioritisation is a key focus and other key features of business life are firmly addressed. Finally, the VIP Platinum course is ideal for the senior director and business owner who wants to better him or herself, and this package summarises everything you need to know about your place in the business world. The VIP platinum coaching has limited availability

At http://www.centredexcellence.co.uk you can find out specific information, plus much more besides – including a range of testimonials from people who have already benefited from Centred Excellence's specialist expertise. For more about Nicky's experiences and the range of services that Centred Excellence provides, please visit their website.

Feel free to email Nicky directly at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and to call her she can be found at the following number: 0845 3194838

You can reach Centred Excellence in writing at: Grange Courtyard, Linlithgow, EH49 7RH
Recruitment Training: Centred Excellence Launch Their New Coaching Packages

Nicky Coffin
Centred Excellence Ltd
Grange Courtyard, Linlithgow
Edinburgh EH49 7RH
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Recruitment Training: Centred Excellence Launch Their New Coaching Packages

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