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Social JobWorking Site offers Hints for Jobseekers


(Free Press Release) Jobosabe.com Recommends Locking Down Your Social Networking Profile.

Social JobWorking Site offers Hints for Jobseekers


Austin, Texas (February 17, 2012) -- Jobosabe.com (pronounced Jah-Bo-Sah-Bee) ,the first locally focused “social jobworking” website, is launching a new program to educate job seekers on the proper way to position themselves on the web. The company recommends that candidates “lock down” their various social networking profiles to friends and family only.

“The biggest mistake that a job seeker can make today is to leave their social profiles open to potential employers. They cannot control what their “friends” post and often times innocent photos can be misunderstood, costing the candidate a job.” Noted Carl Braun co-founder and CEO of parent company Cross-Post LLC. “With jobs being at a premium these days you simply cannot afford to make a mistake you'll likely never even know about. You just won't get the job.” He added.

Jobosabe.com recommends the following:

1. Create a job profile summary on Jobosabe.com Its easy and free! Do NOT include your address, email or phone number or any other personal info. We'll insert a link where employers can learn more about you or send you a DM to request additional info and resume.
2. Lock down your Facebook page for friends and family only. You can do that in the privacy settings.
3. Direct Employers to your Jobosabe.com profile summary.
4. Keep your summary employment related. Here's a sample:
Hint: Avoid religious or political affiliations or any organization that may be considered controversial. Employers need not know your religious preference and specifying a political affiliation might work against you. Let employers judge you on your BFOQ (Bona fide Occupational Qualifications) and NOT your weekend activities.
5. Conduct a search for your name on "google" and see what shows up on the first or second page. if there is anything embarrassing do what you can to get it removed or consider pushing it off the first two pages by getting positive mentions on popular websites.
6. Use the Jobosabe.com blogging tools to write articles about your area of expertise. They will get you good PR on the web and employers will be impressed with your writing skills and subject knowledge.
7. Become a Talent Community Leader on Jobosabe.com in one of our many communities like Veterans, Green, or various Diversity focused Groups. If you don't see one in your area of interest, START ONE! We give you the free tools. Connect with your local newspaper through their talent community as well.

More information and other job seeker features are available on the website at http://www.jobosabe.com.

Media Contact:
Carl Braun
Cross-Post LLC
DBA Jobosabe.com
Box 5025
Petaluma, CA 94955
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Social JobWorking Site offers Hints for Jobseekers

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