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People Partners: An Ideal Employment Consultancy Company


(Free Press Release) People Partners is a Cape Town based company that specialises in consultancy services in B-BBEE, generalist human resources and industrial relation services.

People Partners: An Ideal Employment Consultancy Company


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People Partners is a Cape Town based company that specialises in consultancy services in B-BBEE, generalist human resources and industrial relation services. The company offers full-service recruitment and staffing solutions which cover a wide spectrum of domains like HR, B-BBEE, and IR on either a short-term project, outsourced project or by-the-hour consultancy project.

The professionals of the company are committed to building efficiency and competence by offering practical solutions and approaches across a wide variety of domains like HR and B-BEE management. The company’s passion and dedication with verified methodologies and several years of experiences in the consultancy field ensure that a value-added solution is delivered to every client.

The following are the service packages offered by People Partners:

B-BBEE Consulting: More and more business organisations are emphasizing the need for transformation in their business. People Partners offers professional guidance, expert knowledge and strategic support to enable their client’s progress successfully in their journey. The aim of the company is to enable their clients to gain a favourable B-BBEE score, using a strategic and assimilated approach. Once a positive B-BBEE score is achieved, the consultants implement strategies to maintain the scorecard.

The hands-on approach taken by People Partners consists of the following steps:

  • Ownership
  • Management control
  • Skills development
  • Procurement
  • Supply, entrepreneurship and socio-economic development programs

Human resource management: The HR consultants are skilled generalists owning a wide variety of HR skills. The company plays a hands-on with all its clients and deploys the best management practices like the following:

  • Employment Equity (EE) act
  • Skills development act
  • HR policies and procedures
  • Employment contracts
  • Performance appraisal management
  • Talent retention strategies
  • Remuneration structuring
  • Design of job profile

Employment Equity: The employment equity designing, implementation service of People Partners includes the following:

  • Updating the management and structuring a roadmap to apply the EE act in a cost-efficient
  • Appointment of senior managerial head
  • Ordering and analysis of employee information
  • Imparting employment equity training to the management

Facilitation of skills development: Through its organised approach, People Partners enables its clients to upgrade the skill level of their employees, as per their business requirements.

Industrial relations assurance and labour law: People Partners offers stress-free solutions to its clients pertaining to any labour issue, such that there is no minimal risk.

Training: People Partners specialises in offering personalized in-house training courses to its clients regarding discipline, performance management, basic employee rights etc.

For more information, refer to http://www.peoplepartners.co.za/

About the company:
People Partners is a Cape-Town based company that offers consultancy in B-BBEE, generalist human resources and industrial relation services.

Unit 4, 62 Blaauwberg Rd, Table View
Cape Town, 7441, South Africa
Tel: 021 556 2930

People Partners: An Ideal Employment Consultancy Company

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